2016 Forward Aleem Ford

6-foot-6 wing forward… Looks to be a three&d guy with some athleticism at first glance.

Reminds me of Aubrey’s HS tape…


Relax. Worth taking a look at least. Due diligence.

Highlights certainly aren’t bad and IMG is a good program, but I think people around here have become rightly skeptical about late pickups ranked in the 300s with no major offers… especially with Dawkins just out the door.

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Agreed. His highlights were ok. Id prefer to bank the scholarship. Unless it’s kostas. I think we should prioritize kostas and go hard after him. Coach b could make him a top pick there is no doubt in my mind. That is how I’d sell it to him and his brother too. That’s what we can offer that no one else really can. Otherwise get some grad transfer and go after the class of 2017 hard with four open spots.

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I like Kostas’ potential, too.

Not sure how you can argue that no coach other than Beilein can say that when Beilein has never produced a number 1 pick…

“a” top pick = first rounder (i.e. a team’s top pick)
“the” top pick = number 1 pick in draft (i.e. a league’s top pick)

Not to stray too far from this forum’s topic, but it seems like Kostas has to show a decent handle and good quickness (lateral and straight-line) to not be just another DJ Wilson (also avoiding DJ’s Kobe-like shot selection would be nice)

Ford is taking an official visit to Wisconsin tomorrow along with Travis Trice’s little brother.

Nice game.
Definitely looks like a BIG caliber wing. Lot of potential.
I liked the one runner he hit. It was a different looking shot but it looked true. Makes me think he might have big hands the way he handled the ball on that shot. It’s the move that begins around the 1:10 mark

I wouldn’t take any 2016 player unless he’s an instant impact type guy. At this point I just don’t see that in Aleem.

Either way, many coaches have similar (or better) success getting people to the NBA as lottery picks. He’s had 2 in 9 years. It makes zero sense to say that no coaches other than Beilein can offer being a prospective top pick…

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Well, actually, JB’s track record in turning kids from the 50-150 range into draft picks is almost unparalleled. That’s the relevant argument here. No question that plenty of coaches have had five star recruits turn into first round picks.

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Obviously this is what I meant some of these people just like to argue. Very trollish in these parts.


I wouldn’t call what say calipari does magic for instance. He should be ashamed if these kids don’t go first round. Also I’m talking about who currently if recruiting him. Ie the fla/ St. John’s of the world.

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Huge difference between what he said (a top pick, or what I’d consider lottery) and simply getting people drafted. I never said it wasn’t extremely impressive that he can turn low recruits into draft picks, I said he can’t pitch that he’s the only coach who is able to do so, which is what this “SlyGuy” dude said.

U are taking it to literal. Obviously I’m talking about getting him drafted in the lottery area. Or drafted at all. Taking low level guys and developing them into nba talent. He has a better track record then most in this area. That’s how I’d sell it to kostas. His potential just off his freakish length is much greater then past prospects he’s worked with. He could make him a very early selection . Something I don’t know a lot of his other offers can do. He’s got a track record of doing this.