2016/17 Commitment Updates


Anyone here that has watched Teske and Davis live know if they can hit good outlet passes after rebounds to start fast breaks? I’m rewatching the 2013 Sweet 16 game right now and it reminded me just how amazing McGary was at that and how many extra opportunities at the rim it got us. We’ve missed that a lot in recent years.


It’s hard to gauge because like you said the competition isn’t any good. One thing I noticed and I don’t know what it will amount to but often in those clips when he gets the ball he brings it low below his waist. I could see smaller guys taking the ball from him at the next level.


Totally agree with you. I think you were generous saying the kids checking him were 6’3". He had every player by 1 foot and 50 lbs. It looks like it takes him 3 seconds to leave the floor and dunk it. Game speed will be huge for him. I see him red shirting.


A read on Xavier Simpson


Who do you think is the most likely next target/ realistic get at back up pg Dylan? I see Davison but is there any other 2017 on the radar


Maybe this is why we weren’t in hard on Kostas?


Wow, didn’t see that coming.


Either way I like that kids future. Still wish we added him.