2015 Recruiting

2016 class is loaded! Nice to see us mentioned with the likes of Thornton, Battle, and Leaf.

So if I understand correctly...... We can only accept 2 verbals for 2015 at current time? Because you can only over sign by one. We have 12 now. No seniors. One open slot. One over sign. Until something changes.

I think a three-man class in 2015 seems most likely – at least as a starting point.

Unfortunately, we will probably be in the same position at the end of next season, being up in the air about the status of 3-4 spots until some time in April, after most of the top recruits are already signed. LeVert, Walton and Irvin will all be at least considering whether or not they’ll leave early, and Chatman might be as well. We may or may not know anything about Beilfeldt and Hatch at that point.

Our top priority with the one spot we have left should be a stud at guard, since we’ll be facing the possibility of losing our entire starting backcourt to the NBA.

well we have 0 right now so it’s not looking like oversigning is an issue to worry about just yet. we’ll be able to evaluate Hatch and decide before really “needing” that opening anyway. Then if you “over sign” by 1, that gives you 3 guys for 2015.

My point is… We could not accept verbals from Brunson, Coleman , and Gramdstaff right now if we wanted to. Because we only have 2 spots. One open and one over sign. UNTIL one opens from Levert, Hatch , etc. then we could accept another… Prob another late signee.

Can’t we accept 3 verbal but not three LOIs?