2015 pgs

Having watched brief highlights of Barefield, Brunson, and Hyron Edwards on youtube, my preference would be

  1. Barefield
  2. Edwards
  3. Brunson

I think Barefield is the best of the bunch and he has a connection with Zimmerman. Barefield also came across well as a likable kid in an interview I saw. Edwards is a jet, not sure he is a fit? Brunson doesn’t really do it for me. Is Sanders even in the discussion?

It’d be fascinating to know the staffs rankings of these pgs.

My personal list would probably go Barefield, Brunson, Edwards, Sanders. I think either Barefield or Brunson would be preferred by the coaches over Edwards/Sanders right now (as evidenced by a lack of an Edwards offer). I probably would put Barefield ahead of Brunson even if he doesn’t have as good of vision, if only because of his relationship with Zimmerman. A quality PG and Big in 2015 are key I think, otherwise it will feel like the coaches were not able to capitalize on the title game run success (to me).

Interesting that there’s not a lot of love for Brunson here. What’s the reason why? Bit surprising considering that he’s the highest rated of the bunch.

I love both Brunson and Barefield. I’d be very very happy with either kid but personal preference is still leaning towards Brunson for me. I feel he can do everything that Barefield does and he’s a better shooter. His mid-range jumper is ridiculous. Plus he’s from my home state and left handed which just makes him better than everyone else.

@sven plus one for the hometown bias!

It also helps that he led a Stevenson team that probably wouldn’t have won 10 games with out him all the way to the 4A title game before they finally fell to Jarabri Parker’s Simeon.

Interesting that there's not a lot of love for Brunson here. What's the reason why? Bit surprising considering that he's the highest rated of the bunch.

Not speaking for anyone else, but my personal preference for Barefield vs. Brunson comes down to a combination of skill and athleticism. From the limited footage I’ve seen, Brunson is the superior shooter, but that is where Brunson’s advantages end. Barefield is as good a passer, if not better, than Brunson. Barefield is a better ball handler, has more size, and is certainly more athletic than Brunson. I could care less about the rankings, what I see on film indicates that Barefield is the better prospect at this point.

Brunson is higher rated, but to me Barefield just seems so fluid and natural in all of his actions. And his highlights show him on D or on a rebound where he strips the guy with the ball…so he can get after it. He also reminds me of Trey.

In the end it’s safe to say we can trust this staff’s PG evaluations.

As I said above, I tend to view Brunson and Barefield equally. The edge I give to Barefield is A) that he could catch the ear of Zimmerman and help in that recruiting process (“We could be the next Trey Burke and Mitch McGary in the NCAA!”) and B) what scant indications I can glean thus far indicate Barefield has more interest in Michigan.

I can’t compare sizes since they are inaccurate this early (usually) but having a bigger guard between 6-0 and 6-1 coming into college would be beneficial for running the P&R as well.

Didn’t mean to try to slight Barefield at all. Seems to me like a situation where Michigan would be happy with either and there is a better shot at Sedrick.

However, I would like to see Barefield live.

Watch Brunson, he just has that feel that he knows how to play the game and lead from the point guard spot. That comes with having a coach as a father but it’s as important as anything at the point guard spot.

...Seems to me like a situation where Michigan would be happy with either and there is a better shot at Sedrick.

Why do you say Michigan has a better shot with Barefield? For the record I prefer Barefield to Brunson, I’m just interested in why you feel this way. Has Brunson indicated a lean toward another school at this point?

@Ler: It has more to do with positive signs regarding Barefield than negative signs regarded Brunson. Brunson is going to take his time and will have a lot of options. If Barefield wants to jump at the end of the summer, it means you probably aren’t getting Brunson.