2014 Plymouth, IN PF Mack Mercer Talks Michigan Interest

247 has a free video interview with Mack Mercer who’s listing Michigan and NW as schools who are showing increased interest. No highlights that I have seen, but he describes his fit with both schools as a stretch four. Seems further proof that Beilein and co. are determined to get a combo forward in the class.

247 Profile for those interested

He’s a nice player. Saw him do a couple nice things at Michigan’s camp. Think he’s probably a just in case guy right now though unless he really blows up.

I agree that he’s not in the top tier of prospects now, but I’d have to think they’d make a go if they struck out on Looney, Chatman, Edwards, and Barnett.

he’s from my “area” - has a solid outside shot and is a smart player. Same high school of Scotty Skiles. Not very explosive but he is getting stronger and that’s very evident.

His HS team went 21-4…all 4 losses were in OT. Beat Demetrius Jackson’s team in the playoffs.

FYI: Mack Mercer committed to Belmont University

FYI: Mack Mercer committed to Belmont University

Good thing Michigan’s in on all those other combo forward prospects. The coaches clearly need someone in the 2014 class to fill that role.