2014 ESPN Updated Rankings


Michigan related movement (or lack of):

Kam Chatman - down to #51 (was #49)

Ricky Doyle - remains low 4 star/#17 C (not ranked in top 100)

DJ Wilson - remains low 3 star/#54 PF (not ranked in top 100)

Confirmed everything I believed about ESPN and their subpar service.

How does Chatman drop? He put on muscle and really looks like a complete player now. Last year his biggest issue was size/strength, was it not?

Think Chatman is slightly underrated, Doyle slightly overrated, and Wilson slightly underrated. However, ESPN rankings have been more accurate with regards to UM players in recent history in comparison to other site, in particular Rivals.

Read on another board how ESPN subscribers think their scouting doesn’t do a good enough job scouting anyone not in their top 20 or at a blueblood university.