2013/2014 Entrance Video

Does anyone have a recording of the 2013/2014 entrance video? I can’t find it anywhere online.

I remember the one 2 years ago (I think it used Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z) being quite a bit better than last year’s one (Which used Berzerk by Eminem). If I find the 2013-2014 one I’ll definitely post it.

Meh, I hated the one from two years ago (2012/2013). The 2011/2012 video was sweet, though.



Oh well I guess since we have differing opinions we should get into a giant fight, right? That’s how it works around here? No but in all seriousness I’ve looked everywhere for last year’s video and I cannot find it ANYWHERE. Good luck in your search though!

You don’t know anything about basketball.

(THAT’s how it works around here =p)