2019 - Wing - Romeo Weems (Offer)


Everyone seems to pin Yaklich as the guy that could replace JB but man…Saddi as a recruiter would be a great head coach some day


Not sure how everyone is saying that. Yaklich has only been here for a second. Mich will be looking for someone with major head coaching experience.


Yaklich is no way ready right now … after 5 years, maybe, if he learns some crafts on offense from JB.


I expect Beilein to have a lot of input about who replaces him.


I would think the exact opposite. He’d only give his opinion if asked, and even then I think he’d be hesitant. He’s not a Coach K type who I’m sure is going to want to hang over the program after he’s done. Beilein is as real and humble as it gets/


I disagree completely. I’d expect Beilein to care a lot about the future of the program and hiring the right successor is a big part of that. It could very well be decided while he’s still the coach. Hanging around after that is a different matter altogether.

Given the climate in CBB, Michigan would be foolish not to value Beilein’s input. There are a lot of very good coaches out there that cut corners. I’d trust Beilein to recommend someone who doesn’t.


I know this thread is for 2018, but man, Weems is such a great prospect in my eyes. Would LOVE to get him in 2019, for a one-man class he would be outstanding.

2018 Recruiting Notes

Can’t argue with that. Great replacement for Charles.


Didn’t see his Junior year highlights posted yet so I figured I’d put them here. Definitely can’t go wrong between him or Wilson. He takes the short shorts even further than Poole does haha.


The shorts rolling up is preposterous… Looked like he was wearing a diaper at times. As long as it’s a Michigan diaper he’s wearing in two years I think I can deal with it


Weems should be the priority of 2019. A lot of minutes will be available to him as an freshman.