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Hey Dylan I start in game threads because it dies not allow me to post under the in game threads. It won’t allow me to use my ID, unless there’s something I’m missing. I can’t sign in and talk using my umhoops id. That being said last game we win by 20 if we shot even average. We had s lot of good movement and got the ball to the right guys open, they just we’re cold. Last time you’ll ever see Robinson that open.

I like how we got to the rim at will. I’d like to see more finishes by our guards and definitely by the big men. Irvin played the type of game I’ve been talking about. He disappeared in the second half but his play in the first half was to the t What id like to see out of him. Again Walton came up big when things got hairy late. Once again I’d like to see more things run for Dawkins. He hits that triple and never gets another look while the rest of the team is ice cold. Kid heats up in a hurry. I guess I just thought when levert went down he’d step up like last year and start to get a ton of time/ looks/ and more of a go to option again.

Can we just reward moe fifteen minutes a game as the first big off the bench already? To me he’s clearly the best big man off the bench. I actually see him surpassing donnall next year as well , to take over as the starting five. Time will tell. All I know is it’s very important we win this road test. I don’t care how the huskers are playing. We are the better team and need to dominate this match up

Recruiting. That’s the issue.

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It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Our 2014 and 2015 classes are a big reason on why we are fighting to get in the tournament vs being a legit contender. Not finding a legitimate big guy since 2012’s class is also hurting this team from taking the next step.

Honestly I’m fine with our guard recruiting. I just can’t stand Beilein not going after athletic centers who can rebound, defend, and dunk. Someone who isn’t scared to get rough.

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I have praised our guard recruiting too. I like what we have coming in. I’m afraid, like you state, that because we will still not have an athletic big guy on the roster, the amount of success we will have in the future will be limited to 1st and 2nd round exits in the Tournament assuming we get there.

Having a 2 men center rotation with the athletic guy you and I desire and a stretch 4/5 type Wagner player would be a matchup nightmare for opponents with the guards we have.

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