Will Michigan's "three point defense" improve?


I thought Mo had some good stretches on Bryant where he played 3/4 post defense and didn’t allow easy post entry passes. He’s simply not strong enough to consistently knock legit B10 post player off their spots yet. He gambles a lot with his hands rather than moving his feet.


Top 5 in conference will do for me. We will never be top 5 nationally.


I’ve set it before and was crucified until this season…JB undermining asst coaches when trying to set a standard of accountability is a very bad thing.


I love Mo’s newly active hands, but yeah, his footwork could be much better. To be fair, Bryant is going to manhandle 95% of centers in college basketball; kid is a moose.


Perhaps we will, just never going to happen under John Beilein.


Yeah I didn’t like that at all. I watched it happen live and it struck me the wrong way.


When you guys are talking about “top X” defense, what metric are we using to rank the defenses?


I understand and don’t mind at all. Just giving you a hard time.


No it won’t and I’m alright with that. We can win without a top 5 defense Nationally, But to be outside the top 100 is not ok and we are definitely playing much better these past 3 games.


Yeah Bryant is a bull, no doubt. Sanderson really needs to work on strengthening Wagner’s base and core. Most people equate post defense with upper body strength, not true at all. Does it help, sure, but core is the root of balance.


Good question. We talking points per game, KP defensive efficiency, or otherwise?


For this reason, I am really curious to see Wagner defend Ward.


I, sir, am not.


It’s crazy that Mo can put on 20 pounds and still look so slight, from head to toe. Just have to hope that he can replicate last summer’s hard work, in the weight room. Sanderson does have a proven track record of lowerbody training


Nick Ward is going to absolutely abuse Mo Wagner, and I think we all know it. Have to hope Wilson can shut down Bridges. If not, and assuming no foul trouble, it will be a long night indeed.


I’m with Wolverheel, I think Camp Sanderson can be Camp Exaggeration at times.


The key was the defense was good when it needed to be. This was a laugher early, so intensity and effort on D didn’t need to be there for a full 60.

Truth is their D in conjunction with their O built them the lead. Indiana hit some tougher type shots in the first half too. I don’t really care about the overall D in the last 15 when they started to coast.


I definitely have my fears.


I don’t think any big is going to dominate us to a 20-10 game. We can use double teams like teams have and its proven to be pretty effective against him. I don’t think we will see 1 on 1 a whole lot vs Michigan state.


IU scored 1.13 points per possession in the first half. I’m sure the total number came down based on garbage time