Will Michigan's "three point defense" improve?


Yeah, of course they banked one in and Evans hit the 30-foot backdoor cover and Carroll made 3-4, but they did have one go in and out and missed a couple other good looks. Overall, we limited Forte to 4 attempts (he averages 6) and the team to 16 (as you say they average 22), and made it pretty tough for those two guys to get good looks. We did foul on a three point shot too and the guy hit them all. But yeah, on the whole that part of the defensive game plan seemed to work out.


3 point defense looked like it was solid. If defensive rebounding would have been better, we’d have waltzed away with it. But crashing the boards is what Okie St does, so that was always going to be a problem.


Hello darkness, my old friend.


Nice find. Incidentally, Michigan is currently 345 (out of 350) in 3pt FG% defense.


Not with those f’n rims in Maui