Will Michigan's "three point defense" improve?


They were trying to deny Blackmon the ball, especially early in the shot clock. IU usually had run an action or two to get Blackmon the ball in any kind of favorable position.


They both played a heck of a game overall. Different confidence to them tonight then we’ve seen previously. MAAR took two charges I believe too, albeit not traditional ones


And Dwalt attacked the basket! Like a lot! He even got hammered, and then continued to attack with aplomb.


I was about to ask about that. I saw Walton shot well from inside the arc. Mostly mid ranges or at the rim?


BOTH. It was crazy, man. He made some corner jumpers early, then feigned them to get to the hoop, through contact. Sure, it was IU contact, but still. And Bryant was lurking


That reverse layup in the second half was a beauty. He wasn’t gunshy tonight, that’s for sure. Took some confident jumpers that first half


I’ve been especially critical of Walton this year. That would be so great for him if he turned a corner.


He just looked so confident, could see it in his body control. He has never struggled to get enough elevation at the hoop, but he usually seems more concerned with guarding himself, rather than prioritizing keeping his eyes on the rim and his body appropriately angled. Not tonight


Absolutely agree. I can tell he called that team meeting and taking it upon himself to back up his words. Very different player since that happened.


Tonight’s Walton was the Walton that @umhoops has been saying, for the last two years, has the potential to be the best player/star on the team. Not trying to say that’s who he is, now. But Dylan was right about the potential.


For the last 4 years, Walton has been the only player on the team with enough lateral agility to stay in front of upper tier B10 guards. Sure, he’s going to get bullied to the rim at times, but he can definitely move his feet. The last 2 years his effort hasn’t been what it needs to be. I think part of that has to do with the losing and the other part is that he knows the backside rotations are non-existent. Hopefully he can get back to being a defensive plus


Couldn’t agree more. Thought the ND game, last year, made that clear: it showed what he could do when he was engaged/when the game means something. Hope he can maintain this level of intensity, it’d be great to have a legit plus defender–probably the first since jMo


FYI I think I was wrong, I think MAAR checked Blackmon the most tonight


The final 10 minutes was all MAAR I believe.


Yeah my fault earlier, MAAR did an outstanding job


The good news is that donnal has 5 fouls to give against ward.


Matt McQuaid, shooting 32% on the season from three was 3-3 from deep


To be fair, he was WIDE open. But Winston’s prayer that fell into Bridges’ lap and Nairn’s prayer that banked in basically fall under the same infuriating category


At least 2 of those were Irvin doing that infuriating soft help on a post up where he does nothing to actually add resistance yet allows himself to lose sight of his man. I think the other one was just a blown assignment on a fast break.


Yupp. Zak needs to forget about this game (DJ too, really), luckily he has a week to. Still think, removed from the Breslin atmosphere, we can hang a double digit win on them in AA.