Why does Jon Sanderson get a free pass?

I suggest you reread what I said . “Mitch hurt his back working out for him”. And I named all the countless injuries that has happened is becoming the norm rather than this being freak injuries . I also stated he became overrated after Caris and Staukas stayed over the summer and made the freshman sophomore jump . Bc all the other players who stay for "camp Sanderson " got marginally better.

I read what you wrote. It isn’t the least bit persuasive. I stand by my response.

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Ok you want a cookie. Your have your opinion and I have mines . We just don’t agree and that’s cool.

As someone who loves to criticize, I feel like criticizing Sanderson is grasping at straws. Some injuries are flukes, others might have a genetic component (as for Albrecht, apparently). Maybe the real root problem for our injury woes is recruiting guys who need a massive amount of physical development before they can make an impact.

Miles Bridges will be game ready the minute he steps on campus – less likely that he overdoes it trying to become something he isn’t. Let’s focus on getting guys like him and we should be good.

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Maybe Sanderson deserves some criticism but he’s far down the list of guys that deserve criticism.


This is exactly where I’m at with Sanderson. He is way down that list of problems


Spike’s hip condition is congenital; nothing to do with Sanderson. zak hurt his back when he was home over the summer. Derrick’s toe was aggravated by trying to tough it out and play. If that was mistake, it’s on the trainers/doctors. Caris fractured his feet during games. Mitch would be the one player hurt during or as a result of workouts, if in fact that is the case. I haven’t seen that reported. Nik and THJ have both come back to work out with Sanderson.


I never said any thing was his fault I stated I thought he became overrated due to the fact Caris And Nik worked on there games and showed massive improvements in a year . I said Mitch got hurt working out with him which he did. And I gave a list of our injured players who missed big chunks over the last few seasons. While injuries do happen it the norm here year after year and something is wrong with that IMO I never said he was the reason or sole reason ,but it keeps happening here and it’s a problem.

You start out saying that Sanderson is overrated and listed all of our injuries, questioned why the players miss so much time, conclude that “something is not right” and it’s not bad luck. You were pointing the finger at Sanderson. Why are you trying to back away now that I’ve responded with facts.


I believe we let go/replaced a team doctor this past year.

So there was definitely dissatisfaction with how injuries were healing/being handled on their part.

The main takeaway is that he along with every staff member should be evaluated.

The head trainer, DeRosario is gone. Never saw an announcement but it does raise questions.

Didn’t JB say as much in one of his pressers in the past month? That the injury thing has him baffled and motivated to re-evaluate their offseason program and refocus the areas of the body they’re working on (or something like that)? JB may have coaching philosophies that people disagree with, but I don’t care to challenge his intelligence. He knows the difference between fluke and systemic problem, even if he doesn’t use those words in public, and I’m pretty confident this will be evaluated.


I suppose you read that on the Internet.

Alum05 got it right. You can’t tie Zak or Spike to Sanderson. That leaves Mitch’s back and LeVert’s foot, two totally different injuries. Caris didn’t hurt his foot running down the floor, he came down on another player’s foot. That happens all the time. If it is a training issue, wouldn’t we have multiple guys with the same injury?
What we have here is the need for some people to fix the blame on someone.

It would be a huge mistake to place blame on anyone when we have so little information. We seem to have had more injuries than one would expect. What is a normal injury rate? I don’t know. Zak still works with Sanderson so his injury could be indirectly related, right? What about Walton’s turf toe? What was the nature of DJ’s injury? I seriously doubt camp Sanderson is directly or indirectly hurting anyone, but, it is worth considering, I think. The improvements to their physiques have been impressive, no doubt. Why so many injuries though? Are we just unlucky?

No I read it in a book. ???