We need your podcast questions

Only 15 three pointers attempted against Buffalo (compared to 19.3 per game last year and 23.5 the year before). The 30 free throw attempts against Buffalo were the 2nd most in the Howard era (1st was the bonkers Iowa game in 2019) and we probably left a few more attempts on the court with missed front ends. Are we starting to see how Juwan is going to build his program with more play around the rim?

Buffalo was terrific and fun to watch. How would Buffalo match up against other B1G teams and which teams would they likely beat?

Thoughts on the expansion of Hunter’s Offensive game (he had another move to his left shoulder, and was attempting a little stop and pop baby jumper a few times) and maybe his struggles (or not) defensively?

Curious about Houstan’s defensive struggles, are they just focus, athletic limitation, matchup based? And maybe a projection of what the major big ten matchups will be for him down the road…(i.e. are they likely to be an issue all season, only for a few matchups, or maybe they are very correctable)

I noticed in the Spain takeaway that Brooks was the ballhandler in every play - even when Jones was in the game. Did Jones run Spain at all in the game? If not, is that because he doesn’t have much experience with it, or because it doesn’t fit his skillset well?


Good point. You’d think that Eli off the ball has more gravity than Jones anyways.