Video: Jalen Wilson Early Season Highlights


Maybe, but Wilson has averaged over 3 assists a game in high school, and just short of that in Adidas Gauntlet. I was always pretty impressed with his basketball IQ and vision. You have no doubt seen more tape and live performances from Wilson than have I, but in what I’ve seen, I don’t think of him as a scorer only.


That’s fair, not really trying to knock his game at all. I just think I’d call him a scoring forward first.


That makes sense. I also see some Zak Irvin later in his Michigan career, minus the funky shot mechanics, but Zak was a polarizing figure among Michigan fans, so I was looking for another comp.


Yes please don’t compare Wilson to Irvin :slight_smile:


If he could be “final third of his senior year” Irvin I’d be more than content. Not every player has to be a go-to guy.


Is Jordan Poole really that unathletic? He punched on that guy from Penn State, makes a variety of acrobatic hanging in the air reverse layups and has proven a very competent defender of high major shooting guards. I guess I just wouldn’t think of him fitting that term, Zak Irvin absolutely.


Not sure he’s a bad athlete, but it isn’t his biggest strength. His game is all about skill, change of pace, shooting, etc. Charles Matthews is a better athlete by almost every offensive measure, but Poole is a more versatile offensive player because of all of that other stuff.


Poole looks plenty athletic to me. He demonstrates a quick first step and guys have trouble staying in front of him because of it. Having a quick first step is huge. He’s capable of blowing by defenders and makes acrobatic finishes around the rim.

To bring Wilson back into this, I’d love it if he could attain Poole’s level of athleticism. He needs some more quickness and explosion to go with his shooting and skill. My fear is that he’ll get easily crowded with the ball in his hands and be reduced to a floor-spacing spot-up shooter with size.


He doesn’t have elite verticality, which is what a lot of people, and probably the ones in this thread, mainly refer to when using the term “athleticism.” I tend to do that a lot. For the less talked about areas like acceleration, agility, and straight line speed I think most would agree he’s pretty good in those categories. Poole’s kinda the anti-Dawkins athletically to me. Not a great leaper (still good, see PSU), but really good elsewhere compared to Dawkins being able to jump over people, but not move his feet quick enough to stay in front of anyone or have a first step quick enough to eat people off the dribble.


If we’re gonna keep it to big ten comps for Wilson, what do people think of Aaron White from Iowa? Wilson is a bit shorter but I think their games are pretty similar.