This Year Is About Appreciating Something Pretty Good That's Not Great

Have you given up your tickets? Donated less? etc.?

Anyway, Beilein is not going anywhere anytime soon, and seasons where the team wins 20 games with a 10-8 record and makes the tourney are not going to hasten that departure, especially if they’re surrounded by better seasons. Of course the team still has to get there…

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I haven’t gone to a single game this year or bought a single piece of basketball merchandise. That combination hasn’t happened since I had my first summer job 15 years ago.

I bet I’m not the only one who’s slowly lost interest in this team.

The game for Purdue is sold out. As far as I can tell, in six conference home games they’ve sold 73298 out of a possible 76242 tickets (>96%). You’re not an alum or a season ticket holder, right? You’ve been complaining about JB for years as far as I can tell, so I don’t think you’re particularly representative. Like I said, Beilein isn’t going anywhere for a while and any season in which they make the tournament isn’t going to hasten that. They’d have to miss the tourney this year and another two or three years before his seat warmed up. Remember, this is basketball and he’s coming off two B1G championships and a trip to the final game and another Elite 8. A few fans grumbling on message boards isn’t going to change this. In the meantime, some fans of Michigan and college basketball are going to try to enjoy this team…

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Nah. I’m a homer. I have lost interest in this board at times, though.

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I still watch every game but I’m no where near invested like I was when Trey and Nik were running the show.

If you think it will take 5 straight NCAA tournament misses for his seat to “warm up” you’re in la la land.

His seat will warm up after this season if he doesn’t make the tournament.

You Enjoy average. I don’t. Enjoy this team. I won’t unless there’s a drastic change in how they defend.

And here’s the thread with charts showing the drop in attendance at crisler.

I’m very impressed by your high standards. Of course it was more fun two and three and four whole years ago when we were winning B1G titles and going to the finals. Attendance may have been a bit better, but Crisler Center is still selling 96% of seats for conference games with two sellouts to come. And if you watch every single game and still have such a bad attitude, that just is a shame for you.

By the way, even if we miss the tournament this year and next year, Beilein will absolutely not be fired. Luckily I doubt we’ll have to worry about it.

Crisler isn’t actually sold out. There are entire empty sections at games…

Wow! To be honest, I don’t think our players or the coaching staff really care that you “haven’t gone to a single game this year or bought a single piece of basketball merchandise.” As for me, I too, have found our performances this year to, at times, be extremely disappointing, but I’ll be there tomorrow cheering for and supporting our kids and our coaches. I’ve been supporting Michigan basketball since 1964 through think and thin, in good times and bad, and I am getting so tired of the incessant criticism I read on this board. As to what you’ll accept, I don’t think anyone really cares what you’ll accept. What really matters is what the players will accept, and what the coaches will accept, and ultimately what the AD the University President will accept. What you will accept is really pretty inconsequential so don’t delude yourself and puff yourself up as so self important. The players may not possess the kind of talent you wish they would have or play the way you wish they would play but they represent my university and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them, and that pride extends to more than just their performance on the basketball floor. The coaching staff may have a different philosophy than you do but they are the coaching staff at the University or Michigan, the university I love and will continue to support, so I really don’t care what you are willing to accept or what philosophy you would promote. I WILL be at the game tomorrow. I will arrive early and I’ll stay 'til the end whether it be glorious or bitter. I will sing the fight song. I will sing the alma mater. So, mpbear 14, have fun doing whatever you’ll be doing tomorrow, I know I will. Go Blue!!! Oh, and UMHoopsFan, I appreciate your original post, and I, too, “appreciate something pretty good.” Thanks for posting something that “should be read by every UM hoops fan.”

Im still laughing that anyone thinks that people not showing up to games is not a big thing. Please look at Brady Hoke for further proof. Fans control more then this thread thinks. With the amount of money that has been poured into basketball you better believe those seats better stay filled.

This is no longer coming off probation with no practice facility and an out dated arena. Plus ticket prices have risen since the NC run. People will stop paying it. To think otherwise is putting your head in the sand.

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I’d expect you to be laughing, and quite honestly I don’t have a whole lot of use for YOUR criticisms of our players and coaching staff, either. Oh, and by the way, I am showing up, I am supporting our program, and I will continue to do so. If your support means being overly critical while hiding behind your device on a message board, have at it. I’m serious about this, I am so tired of the “negative nancies” on this board. You will probably accuse me of viewing our team through maize colored glasses, to which I will say, “thank you.” I am a proud Michigan fan and I continue to be proud of the kind of man Coach B is and the quality of kids he recruits, even when the results on the floor are sometimes frustrating. And believe me, as a former coach, for 29 years at all levels, I, too, get frustrated, just as I know our coach does, and certainly our players at times do, too. Coach B’s philosophy is different than the philosophy I preached as a coach, I was more defensively oriented and offensively was an inside out kind of guy. BUT, he is our coach and will continue to be our coach, and he does so much that is good that I will continue to support him and be positive about his immense experience, knowledge, and efforts on behalf of Michigan Basketball. Plus, I know I personally don’t qualify to even carry the man’s clipboard, although it would be an absolute thrill for me to do so. So, continue to laugh at my maize colored musings if you will, but know this, your negativity on a message board will change nothing, and there are those of us who are pleased about that. And now I’ll wait for my scolding from Dylan, and for the “negative nancies” to bash away. So be it. Go BLUE!!!

Right if you were to tell any fan after the first 2 years with Hoke a Sugar Bowl and Outback Bowl that 2 years later he would be fired. I can guarantee you that not a single fan would have believed you. Things move fast and can change quickly in big business college sports. If Michigan was to miss the tournament in 2016 I would bet that he needs to start getting better results real quick.


See my new thread above. Hope it causes all Beilein’s detractors to reflect a little, because the guy is not going anywhere. Maybe you want to go bang your heads against some other wall?

Doesn’t cause me any pain at all. Todays win was because they rebounded and played better defense. Something I’ve been told over and over again isn’t Belein’s style and you have to live with it. Won this game in the most anti Belein style ever.

I hope now people start realize how important it is to not ignore 2 phases of the game. Rebounding and better defensive rotations bailed out a porous shooting effort. Also helped Purdue wasn’t great from the FT line in the first half. Allowed Michigan to hang around which was much needed.

Remember anyone can do something once. It takes great effort and concentration to create consistency. Great first step today.

My issues with JB are recruiting, defense, and rebounding in that order. I love the action he runs on offense. His dribble hand offs into ball screen and rolls are a nightmare to defend. I wish they would use the corner cut more on drives to the basket. So dangerous to help side defense.


I like to think I am somewhat of a realist on this board when it comes to our coach. This was a gutty performance and a very much deserved win.

This was a game we needed desparately and we got it. But let’s remember how we got it. Not by being on fire from three, we were horrible, ( which by Beilein’s earlier admission was our only way to compete with the elites ) but by ACTUALLY digging down and playing DEFENSE & REBOUNDING!

These are the two areas where previous criticism of coach is undoubtedly warranted. It almost reeks of heresy to go 5-20 from the arc and win the game when being an avowed apologist for anything Beilein.

Amazingly enough there are other ways to win a bb game then by chucking threes successfully. This team proved that today. It would be nice going forward if this squad made this effort the norm and not the outlier, so that when we are off we can compete adequately. No more Xaviers, SMUs, IUs, MSUs … where we are eviscerated by not competing to our opponents level of energy and fire.

We can build on this or reignite the old narrative and remain a perimeter based soft jump shooting team who doesn’t get back on D, gets crushed on the glass, and shows little desire to punch back.

Now that we know we can do it its up to the coach to demand this kind of energy and effort going forward and accept nothing less.

Let’s see how that progresses these last 5-6 games. Go Blue and coach Beilein!!


Amen Chezaroo

Sometimes I wonder if you guys have only been watching this team for the last five minutes. Do you remember them beating MSU with Novak at MSU? You sit here with your bad grammar pontificating from the august privacy of your dorm rooms as if Beilein is some nincompoop you need to lecture about the importance of defense. Can you possibly be so lacking in self-awareness?


This is a basketball forum for fans. You act like we are in a classroom setting and JB is our teacher.

Novak isn’t on this team, and I haven’t been in a dorm room in over 35 years. But I was at the game and loved every minute of it. Hopefully this is a turning point for this teams effort going forward. Play hard, compete, and punch back when confronted. It’s a coaches job to demand it nightly.


Good win today. But remember this is just 1 game.

Beilein has clearly been a savior type figure for UM basketball.
If he keeps making the tourney, he’ll be fine.
But we missed last year. A miss this year would mean next season is important (hot seat).
You don’t miss 3 years in a row with a new AD at the helm IMO but we’re a long ways from that point.