The State of UM Basketball

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You can’t get that wrapped up in results.

Does he say in the comment that he’s happy with the result as you originally said?

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That’s hilarious, you have to think about 10 things? I guess they aren’t familiar with the Warriors, Spurs or professional coaches who stop by to pick Beilein’s brain. I wouldn’t suppose Beilein would be high on that type of kid anyway. I wonder though, do these same kids watch Izzo and his public sideline humiliations or history with highly ranked kids? That doesn’t seem to impact his recruiting, at least lately. I don’t care what 95% of the top 50 players think. Belein just needs a pitch for the 5%.

Well if you don’t think appealing to 95% of the top 50 is worth caring for, then I guess you live and die by JB regardless of on court results. Because at this point it’s becoming difficult to refute that his approach to recruiting, and on the court, simply isn’t working.


Stop it, its all about effort not results and do not forget it…lol

I think it is a little early to panic. We lost by 3 points on the road, after a long lay-off, at a place where we have had a hard time winning as of late. Change one play in that game and we win and this thread doesn’t exist.

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Who the hell here is saying that? You keep pushing this but nobody has the opinion that results aren’t important. What is your issue here?

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A lot of kids would rather get yelled at than be intellectual. Izzo clearly cares for his guys, his alumni speak to that frequently. Beilein does not connect the same way…how much do nik, trey, Mitch talk about coach rather than :part_alternation_mark:️? Feels like state guys talk about izzo.

Sometimes I think too many of the guys on this team are soft…not competitive.

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I want to specifically agree with the soft cutting. Our actions ‘could’ create a lot of spacing, but it seems like everyone (except Mo) is just jogging. And I think that gets corrected at the top, too.

Of course it does. If Izzo witnessed that sort of crap he would sub out the entire unit. He may lose the game but it sends a message of accountability and wins games in the long run.

If Coach Harbaugh witnessed a TE or WR dogging a route where said player wasn’t targeted what do you think he would do? That is the job of an elite coach - setting standards so that norms are established. That’s why I never bought into the JB culture slogan - because I don’t like his culture. It’s one of complacency and lack of accountability IMO


I feel like he creates that sort of team though. Bring in a different kind of player and then you get what you’re asking for John. It’s not a hard concept and it’s not far fetched either. 2-3 players is all it takes for a decent change in a program/roster makeup. It’s not football where you have to overhaul your entire roster or completely recruit to one specific system.

Way to take a statement completely out of context. I also said no one is happy about this result. Why didn’t you pick that one?

My point, and maybe I was just doing a terrible job of getting across, was that the way Michigan played in that game would win them a lot of road big ten games. They played well, so did Iowa. Michigan wasn’t perfect especially on defense but I’m not sure this group is capable of much more than that. They challenged most shots and give Iowa credit for making them. If they can repeat that effort they will win games.

I want Michigan to win every single game they play but I’m not blinded my fandom to expect them to do so nor to go crazy when they don’t win a particular game. And certainly not when I think they played pretty well for their capabilities. If you go back to the usc game thread I’m sure you can find some gems of me being pretty harsh on the team, as I thought they never showed up to play from the jump.


You got your point across perfectly fine… some people just like causing conflict.


I agree with all of that. I also think it is because a lot of JB’s motions are purely decoys, by design. So many sets employ cuts and screens that are clearly just meant to get the players in a preferred perimeter alignment. Most of JB’s primary motions are gold, I just wish that the ancillary guys in the secondary motions would cut/screen hard enough to successfully bluff intent, and then earn some back door slams

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Here’s the problem I have with that analysis: 2012 and 2013. I don’t how anyone could claim those were “boring” teams. We scored a lot, we were efficient, we dunked a lot. How is that boring to anyone? If you want to say we play a boring brand of defense, sure. But come on - go back and watch most of the 2012 and 2013 seasons, especially the tourney games. Not sure how you can call that boring.

We’re a lot more boring now because the players simply aren’t as good.


Come on, that’s crap. Guys like Douglas, Novak and Jordan Morgan played their ass off for the program and dramatically overachieved. That 2011/12 team had no business whatsoever winning a share of the Big Ten, but it did.

I’d agree this group lacks leadership and doesn’t play with enough intensity, and that’s not a good thing, but to say that’s been the culture JB has established his entire time here is way off base.

There’s nothing going on right now that better players and more winning won’t fix.

Meanwhile, let’s not act like Izzo is infallible. He’s got a lot more talent on paper than we do and his team hardly looks great at the moment, their win over MN notwithstanding.


They should be cutting hard as those motions should be options. That’s on coaching as just because they aren’t usually open doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking for them.

I am somewhat puzzled by this to. I know a lot of people say Michigan is just a football school. I don’t buy it. I think we have a good enough history in bball to do more then what is being shown. The sanctions really did hurt however. Yes Beilein is a great amazing coach, just like everyone says he has come up short recently on some highly rated recruits. The championship run team luckily panned out and some guys played their ass off. It just seems after that Beilein takes too many chances on the Trey burke’s of the world and thinks he can take that low rated guy and turn him into something. That doesn’t include just the guards, thats the bigs also. But we all know what kind of bigs come to this offense. Don’t get me wrong, these kids are high character at UM, they are great role players but last few years just lacks star power. I was never really of fan of Irvin’s or Chatman’s game in HS coming out. I expected them to be a role type player and it seems some games Irvin tries to be the man then others he disappears.