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Yes, at this point, I think you are in the minority.


lol I don’t need confirmation of that!


I’ll stand with you here and agree. Brooks has played well and Simpson in small spurts, but the ceiling is capped with those two.

I’d be fine not playing Simmons until the December cupcakes since he hasn’t earned it yet. However, he needs to start playing lots of minutes starting 12/16 against Detroit.


I’d prefer to see Simmons EARN 25 mpg. If he could do that, it would help a lot. Occasionally he shows nice flashes, like tonight with that slick entry pass to Moe. Turnovers appear to be his biggest issue right now. If he can solve that, he’ll see the floor more.


I have to say after these first 9-10 games I feel that the player who may have the best upside and hopefully soon to be the pick and roll play maker would be Poole. If he could just make the simple play. He has a decent handle and is long enough to pass over defenders.


Reminds me of a Johan Cruijff quotation:

Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.


Brooks’s ceiling is capped 10 games in as a freshman playing between 10 and 18 minutes of game?


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I’m really confused about the minutes Brooks is getting.

I get that Simpson “knows” the defensive rotations and has Beileins trust on that end, but Eli needs to play through his learning curve moments.

I am completely surprised that we lost a game in which Z scored 11 points though. Got to be a career high?


I personally think Eli should be playing 25 minutes a game with Z serving as a capable backup for 15, Coach.


Walton and Burke had very different styles.

Simmons has shown us a “style” of defense that is uniquely his own, thankfully.

Film did suggest that Simmons was going to be very good in pick and roll but he hasn’t shown that for us yet. I am surprised that he hasn’t looked better but I don’t think he has shown us good play yet.


This team’s ceiling, not Brooks. He’s been great and I’m really excited about his future. He’s going to be really really good as he grows.

The team needs a PG who can break down defenses when things go cold. Get some easy buckets. Simmons is the guy who can do that. Brooks eventually will, but I know he’s still learning.


When I adjust for playing time I like Brooks season boxscore, 10 games in, better than I like Simmons season boxscore.

Brooks, so far, passes my eyeball test over Simmons as well, both offensively and defensively.

From my point of view, Brooks is a Freshman outplaying the expected Senior pre-season MAC player of the year. That is significant…

I have to disagree with what you are saying.

I think we are all very open to Simmons earning more playing time as Bebopson suggested, but he has not earned more playing time from anything I have seen, in fact he seems to be falling behind Brooks and Z with every new game…I am saying this as someone who really wants to the see the Senior have some success in his last year…


I don’t think it’s clear what I’m saying. I’m not questioning how good Brooks is playing and I’m not questioning how poorly Simmons has played.

My point is the overall team ceiling is higher with Simmons playing well. Whether he ends up playing well this year, who knows. I’d like to let him try and give him the minutes to do it, starting on 12/16.

If Beilein thought differently he wouldn’t have brought in Simmons. He’s rightfully not playing him since he hasn’t really earned it.

My beef is nobody is earning anything this year with Beilein so far. Poole didn’t earn more minutes, Brooks hasn’t earned the right to close games. (Both should is my point) His rotations don’t make sense and it’s having adverse affects by guys playing not to make a mistake, playing without rhythm and looking over their shoulder. I’d like to see what Simmons can do when he doesn’t have to play that way. Let’s see him play through mistakes and play larger minutes.


Coach is going by how guys perform in practice, not games. Until somebody irons out all his kinks and starts performing consistently in practice, we’ll continue to see an unsettled rotation. You have to hold guys accountable in practice.


I can agree with some of what you are saying about the merit system being a bit out of whack. IMO Robinson has earned less playing time, whereas, Teske, Livers, Brooks and Poole have earned more playing time and yet it does not seem like JB is using a reward/punishment system–which I find very odd.

How are Teske and Livers only getting 10 and Robinson is getting 30?


Good point bebopson. I always forget about practice!


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