The Point Guard Spot


Are you talkingbthe UNF game? I thought the announcers said 0 TO for Z against CMU

(Is he X still or Z now when we shorten it?)


That post was before the CMU game, so yes.


THought so, thanks.


The PG Battle was declared ‘over’ in the open thread yesterday – – then Jaaron came in and made a couple of big plays.

Hopefully Southern Miss plays some man-to-man for a change.


That was a funny part of the open thread.


Simpson is going to be this team’s PG. He will get the majority of the minutes going forward.

It’s glaringly obvious who Beilein trusts. That’s really not hard to surmise at this point.


Too early.

The good news is Z looks good. Simmons is good too but needs to figure out JB system.


I thought Beilein put a lot of trust in Simmons last night when we needed an offensive spark from the 1 spot and Simmons delivered. I think this may be a case of Beilein knowing there’s talent there, but wanting to make sure Simmons gets it and learns to play within the system for the long term.


Simpson definitely has the current holding. His defense and understanding of the offense seem to be on another level. If he can be efficient like last night, that would be great for him. I’d like to see more drive and kicks rather than rotational passes though. I think Duncan would benefit greatly from kicks.

Simmons 7+ min stretch during a tight game last night (IMO) showed that JB isn’t settled on one over the other but rather the hot hand or most trustworthy hand. I’m excited to see Simmons progress. In the exhibition his defense looked lazy but seemed better last night. He still looks a little lost/out of place but I think there’s definitely some talent there to use.

Also noted Eli didn’t play in the 2nd half and played the “2” spot in the first half.


I wonder how much of the PG minutes distribution will be dependent on Robinson/Wagner/Matthews early in the season. If those three are hitting shots and scoring efficiently, I can see Simpson getting the bulk of the minutes (defense and knowledge of the offensive sets). When 2 or 3 of them are struggling to score, I can see Simmons getting the bulk of the time (offensive skill/shot making).


@CoryR I thought that was a funny comment. There is no long term for Simmons, he’s gone next year. If this competition is close, it just makes sense to go with Z. But I’m sure that Simmons will provide quality minutes from time to time.


It’s a long season…that’s what I meant by long term. If you don’t get your point guard under control right away you could be fighting that battle all season long.

Way too much is put into November games. Matt Vogrich was playing over Stauskas early on the National Runner Up team.


Interesting note from the mgoblog basketbullets article:

Simpson has obliterated pick-and-rolls this year. He’s faced ten such possessions and only allowed three shots to go up, two of which have gone in; he’s forced a turnover on all seven other possessions.


A lot of small sample size stuff going on there. Curious to see how Michigan does defending the LSU PNR with Tremont Waters. Kid looks terrific on film.


Who had money on Eli Brooks starting a game before Jaaron Simmons? Here we are.


Simmons has done absolutely nothing and has not passed an eye test from anyone with basketball knowledge. Beilein made the right call.


Feel bad for Jaaron though. He thought he was going to be Trey 2.0.


Vs a d2 school, Simmons looks as lost as any player I’ve EVER seen that has already played college ball for 3 years. I’m rather concerned. Missed two layups as well, what has happened to him. Eli is confident and that’s going to take him a long ways.


My guess is Z will have a very good game against VCU.


Why do you say this?