The Game (Football)


Since you were at the game, was Lewis close to scoring on the final play of regulation? When he cut across the field, I thought he might take it to the house. The only camera angle they showed, though, was super tight, so I have no idea how many OSU players were left in front of him.


Hope we get a decent bowl draw. A self-professed insider on MGoBlog thinks the CFP is still a possibility but the Rose Bowl isn’t, which I don’t agree with. That said, if we end up in Orange Bowl, I hope we don’t get some lame matchup like VT. That would be a waste.


The whole stadium shit their pants once he started to reverse field. Their players recovered well though, probably would have had to beat two more guys.


Unfortunately, I agree. I can’t see the CFP committee taking 2 B10 teams, neither of which even played in the conference championship game. While there is no doubt in my mind that Michigan is one of the 4 best teams in the country (and all advanced metrics back that up), I just don’t have any faith in the committee to do the right thing.

It’s all probably moot, though, because I have a hard time seeing Washington or Clemson losing.


Yeah, even on TV there were cutaways to panicked-looking OSU fans. Great run, too bad he couldn’t take it all the way home.


I’m holding out hope for the Rose Bowl, but looking at how things would need to play out its a pretty big longshot. We’d need to have two B10 teams make the playoff (possible) and have the Rose Bowl selection committee select us over that third team (Wisc/PSU) that doesn’t make the playoff. We’d obviously be the bigger draw between whoever is left, but technically finishing 3rd in the East would bump us to the Orange Bowl if the committee holds true to what they’re supposed to do.

I’d be curious to see us matchup with an ACC team. The default right now is VT, which would kinda suck, but we could also see Louisville or even Clemson if they find a way to lose. Our defense against those two teams would make for another epic matchup.


I agree that those would be good matchups even if Louisville has lost some of its luster. My fave matchup among the non-CFP options would be USC in the Rose Bowl, which I know is highly unlikely but would be a big TV draw if they could swing it. FSU would be a decent consolation prize in the Orange Bowl. VT would be a disappointment.