Taking Pistons on as my new second team

Not from Michigan obviously so I don’t know much about the Pistons fan base / thoughts but what is the consensus among fans about Seykou (hope that’s right again)? I only saw highlights of him really so I don’t have a lot to go off of.

Is he looked at like a future star? Franchise type guy? He was really under the radar but I rode him in fantasy on an emergency pick up while he was hot for four or five games.

His highlights are pretty amazing.

I wouldn’t say that he’s considered a future star/franchise guy. I don’t even necessarily think that Hayes is viewed as that either. I think the 2021 and 2022 drafts are where the Pistons are looking to get that type of player, with having a functional base of young players and future picks being the goal for this offseason and season.

There’s always the option to sign and trade Christian Wood to a contender that’s at or over the cap.

The dream scenario for me would be a sign and trade for Levert.

I would love to watch LeVert in Detroit from a fan perspective, but to me the fit wouldn’t make much sense. At 26, he’s someone that a win-now team is likely to take on, which is the opposite thing that the Pistons want to do.

Yea , I’ve only seen about ten minutes of Hayes on highlights so that one is wide open to me. Seykou looked pretty damn impressive at times for such a young kid. Lots of promise there, wasn’t sure if he was buzzing up there a lot more than he is nationally.

I’d add I agree with that strategy. Next years draft has elite talent up top. If they could land one of the young stars in 2021 and combine him with this class it’s a great set up/strategy.

They did well taking advantage of this drafts solid depth.

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I love Sekou and was ecstatic we picked him last year. He’s a high upside guy in my opinion. He would have been the youngest player on Michigan last season. He had a handful of double digit scoring games and was doing things like this:

I wouldn’t say the expectation is blossoms into a franchise player, but I think he has legit 2-way starter wing potential. He sort of reminds me of Paskal Siakam, although I think Sekou projects as a more versatile scorer and a slightly worse defender.

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I agree that he has the potential to be a starter on a very good team, especially at the 4 in a small ball setup.

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Funny Siakam was my first thought. Although Seykou almost looks longer if that even possible.

Cassius landed in a great spot actually. The Wizards were one of the winners of the draft imo. I really liked Deni from what I’ve seen and think he has potential to end up being the top guy in this draft.

I actually really like the Wizards moves the last two years. If Wall gets healthy and in shape and can find a way to come back to close to what he was previously they might just be ok.

I’d keep Beal too and build around him.

Wall/ Cassius
Beal/ Troy Brown
Deni/ Troy Brown
Rui/ Bertans
Bryant/ Moe

Brown might start with Deni coming off the bench but either way Cassius fits that second unit really well, I think he will succeed as a nice pg off the bench. P n R with Moe and the ability to kick out to Bertans and Deni if anyone cheats could be very tough particularly in the east.

I like their new gms vision.

A lot of highlights of Hayes here…

Weaver is doing what a good GM is supposed to do when rebuilding which is definitely refreshing to see given what the Pistons have done in the past with the late years Joe Dumars and SVG. It’s nice to have a GM who knows how to use salary cap space as a trade asset to get more draft capital. Now if we can trade one of Griffin or Rose, we can tank properly for Cade or Jalen Green.

I like all three first rounders we took (don’t know anything about Lee). I feel the shortcomings with Hayes are all fixable except his average to below-average athleticism (although I’d say athleticism is a luxury to have at the PG spot instead of a necessity). His size and defense could even allow us to draft another PG next year, hopefully Cade.

I love Stewart’s effort on the court. Right now he seems like a harder working Derrick Favors to me. Hopefully he can expand his perimeter scoring and get more toward a Paul Millsap type player in the future.

I’m fine with the Kennard trade since Luke can never stay on the court for a full season. Maybe Saddiq Bey can turn into what we could have had in Middleton before we just threw him into the Jennings trade for absolutely no reason.


I think they view Hayes and Sekou as guys who will be good starters on very good teams and view Bey and Stewart as at least good rotational pieces on very good teams. Then, they tank the next two seasons and hope to land two superstars in the next two drafts to finish out that young core. They will need some luck with ping pong balls, though.

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I believe the Pistons are one of the only team that has never moved up in the lottery. They either stay the same or fall back. 2003 is the exception, but it was technically another team’s pick.


Michigan fans of a certain age should easily recall Amp Lee’s monster game at Michigan stadium.

Oh, yea. Heh. He ran amply…

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Hell I would rather have Tillman than Stewart

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I like Tillman but I’d easily take Stewart ahead of him.


Same. Two years younger, bigger, higher offensive upside. Tillman has a higher floor, but that’s not the kind of prospect the Pistons should be going for right now.


Pistons should be going for players that help them win games.