Taking Pistons on as my new second team

There are a couple others. Omari Sankofa. Mike Curtis.

This season should be the first time where Weaver’s seat should be very warm if not hot. Also, Ed Stefanski and Arn Tellum should be the same as well especially Arn who has outsized influence on the franchise and it’s not a good thing IMO.

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The problem w Weaver’s seat being warm is that Monty is also pretty clearly a big problem and not going anywhere for a while. Any GM you hire going to feel that great about possibly going his whole tenure without choosing his own HC?


What do you guys think Monty has actually done wrong thus far? I’m genuinely curious. With this current roster, do you think there’s any coach in the the country that would be finding a lot of success?

I honestly haven’t noticed a ton of things that I just blatantly disagree with. A lot of our issues have been from an execution standpoint and because there is barely any talent lol. Duren was playing like the best player on this team for a while and he hasn’t played since the first 4 games or whatever. Half the players in the rotation are G-leaguers

Sometimes I disagree with the lineups he’s putting out there but once again… there is BARELY any talent on this team and if its his coaching style to bench people for their mistakes and let them grow, then maybe we wait a little longer than 12 games to see if it works instead of calling is a horrible decision without having a clue whats going on in the locker room and in practice and whatnot

An unbalanced line-up seems to be the biggest gripe. Some folks are worried about Ivey’s development.

I’m not going to write Monty off after 13 games.

Weaver, on the other hand, I’m cooling off towards. He’s been decent-to-good in the draft, but several other moves have been questionable.

I agree the lineup is unbalanced but my rebuttal would be the ENTIRE ROSTER isn’t balanced well haha. And that is partially due to injuries. I think people aren’t realizing how big of a difference there has been with Duren vs without Duren.

Cade was averaging 23/8/4 WITH Duren in the lineup on 42.4% from the field. Cade is averaging 18/6/4 WITHOUT Duren in the lineup on 37.5% from the field. He’s played 8 games with him and 6 games without him. That is a pretty drastic difference imo and its because Duren is the real lob threat in PnR’s with Cade and its completely different with Stewart starting at center.

And with the injuries, idk what people expect Monty to do with Knox, Umude, Killian, Wiseman, etc playing extended minutes. I know nobody wants to hear the injuries excuse but a month down the road I think this team looks COMPLETELY different.

Weaver is a good drafter but he has shown to be absolutely terrible at trading.


Sometimes the tank doesn’t work out. Of the past 3 years, the Pistons won the lottery the one time they probably didn’t need to (and I’m a HUGE Cade fan). Ivey, Ausar, and Duren have all been very defensible picks as well. But they couldn’t afford a miss if they wanted to see early results, and Ivey’s play and Duren’s health certainly don’t lead to wins.

Bogey is the missing puzzle piece in a year where your main goal is to start to learn how to win…but that injury left a gaping hole too.

And has been stated by everyone else, the rest of the roster Troy bulit seems to just be blind darts hoping a couple guys would have a resurgence…to which they have not.


Bey to Wiseman is a fireable offense in and of itself.

I feel bad for even comparing him to Bagley, it hurts watching this guy play.

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They’re playing really well so far against the defending champs.

And we have our buy Livers to thank for it.

I think what is being done with Ivey, whether that is a Monty thing or a Weaver thing, is a pretty blatant stupidity.

Playing Killian Hayes over Ivey, Burks, Sasser also stupid

I have problems with Monty in Phoenix too

Weaver has good a good eye in the draft and done some good draft day trades as a result. He does not understand the cap seemingly, made some horrific FA deals or acquired massive salaries for second round picks tears from now. He doesn’t understand how to assemble a roster

The Thunder are younger than the Pistons and they don’t suck. I don’t buy age


Except for 2020. If that was his draft, he missed on that one. If I recall correctly, all of the pundits (not that they are always right either) were expecting Haliburton to go in that slot.

That was Troy’s first draft. The fans and pundits definitely felt it was probably between Haliburton and Hayes. I was on Team Haliburton, but also had no opinion on Hayes. (Team Hayes people stay quiiet in these parts.)

From what I recall, Hayes and Sekou Doumbouya had an established relationship and Troy was still high on him at that point. So I was willing to accept that as an added bonus with the pick (at the time).

However, with that draft, I did like Troy’s moves to get Beef Stew and Bey. It showed me what Troy draft experiences are about. I was begging for a move to get Duren after we picked Ivey, and by golly he did it!

Hayes was obviously a bad pick

I think it was definitely saved a large degree by the Bey and Stewart picks


:rofl:LOL I know YOU of all people feel that way, my friend. And you are definitely right.

Like I said, I was definitely Team Haliburton, but that is because I liked his game so much. I fell for him when he played UM that non-con.
I just didn’t know Killian was that limited. I remember reading things about him having James Harden moves, and if he could develop a right hand he’d be lethal, etc. etc. I had no clue, but I also don’t hold a personal vendetta for every minute he sees the court :rofl: :rofl:

My comfort is knowing the Spurs are still by far the worst team in adjusted net rating with Wemby, Devin Vassell and Kherson Johnson.

I hated the Hayes pick at the time and was begging Weaver to take Hali. Hayes had one good shooting year and is a limited athlete with limited ballhandling. For a PG, that’s not a good thing. I know Hayes defender thought he would be a good shooter and improve his ballhandling. So far, he is still the same player he always has been since his rookie year. He stinks out loud

You guys are real basketball junkies. Signed in here this morning to find a dozen+ posts about a 2-13 NBA team!