Some Overall Thoughts

We will revisit this conversation at the end of the year.

Just to be clear, I think Duncan is an outstanding shooter.

Once UK entered the fray for Booker, he was not going to happen. Looney was never going to happen - not sure why anyone would logically treat that as a miss.

Blueitt is “much, much better” than who? Duncan? I guess it depends what you’re looking for. Blueitt is a decent rebounder for a guy his size, and he can score, but he’s not a very efficient player at this point in his career.

Here’s the problem I see with your argument on Coleman - he’s 6-3. It’s not as if we turned down a Glenn Robinson or Tim Hardaway Jr. type guy (6-6 or 6-7) with athleticism. Coleman’s not a point guard (as his 0.7 assists per game in 20 minutes a game demonstrate), and he’s not a guy that seems like he’ll get to the rim that often. So I’m not sure what that athleticism does for him at his height?

Great points. And watching him play, he dies nothing at all but jack up shits on a very poor team. I’d rather have Duncan every day of the week

I sometimes think this is the main difference between Beilein’s supporters and his detractors. I would NOT have supported rolling out the red carpet “no questions asked.” And I don’t say that as someone who wants us to recruit nothing but choir boys. It’s just that there are dozens of things on Beilein’s list–from how much a player needs the ball to how well he gets along with everyone else to whether he is indeed going to go to school. We’re ignorant about most of these things. Those who want to oversimplify and assume the worst–or that the coach is an idiot–when they possess so little of the background data. . .

I look at it this way.

I think this is as good as Duncan Robinson is capable of playing. He may get a little better in some areas but overall, he’s close to his ceiling as a basketball player.

Coleman on the other hand, he isn’t even close to a finished product yet. He’s 10 games into his true freshman year on a team that has absolutely no identity with a lame duck coach. I think Jalen’s ceiling is above what Duncan’s ceiling is and he’s no where near it at the moment.

If we are going to base this argument off of a 10 game log, then yeah, Duncan is the better player at the moment. JB is probably the only coach in the country that takes Duncan over Coleman (If he had a choice). I understand why most Michigan fans think that’s the right move. JB has a cult following. He’s beyond reproach to most fans. We are a fan base that thinks the exception to the rule favors JB and Michigan in all situations.

I want athletic wings. IMO, Jalen Coleman will prove to be a more valuable basketball player than Duncan will when both careers are over. I don’t think it will be close either and I admit, Duncan is the lone bright spot of this season so far.

I understand we have had some real ugly games but some of you guys are over reacting. First this team is going to make the tourney. There’s no doubt in my mind on that barring more injuries. Does the spike announcement hurt? Sure as we needed him as a back up pg with Walton down and he is just an overall explosive player at times. He will be missed.

Second this team has a chance with these cake games to really work on some things. I’d rather play certain guys more even if the game is tighter along with working on certain sets/offense and defense in live situations even if it means less success. I’d play Dawkins chatman Wilson and Wagner a try running some curl elbow screens for Dawkins like last year late to try and get him going/ in situations besides just chucking threes.he showed signs last year. He needs to start being an option like last year if we want to do something.

Play Wagner and Wilson exclusively. A lot of time the roll is there but they don’t trust Doyle. I feel like Wagner can finish and if we start to hit the roll teams have to respect it and sag off and that’s where open threes can start to appear. I’d also like to see people start to look to create as opposed to endlessly handing off the ball till the clock runs out. Against these teams it’s a good chance to practice and have success in these situations. Levert can get some practice at the point but I’d actually let chatman get some of his minutes on the wing.

Coach b imo has done a fairly bad coaching job the last two years although he’s had a lot of injuries. He still has not had his best moments/ development. The talent is not as bad as u guys think he’s just not getting them to gel like he should. The team often makes the wrong decisions/ pass and miss opportunities that are there and should be baskets. Not a good ball iq compared to past teams. That is the issue. I have faith this team can make a run with Walton healthy. But these next few games and weeks are crucial as teaching moments/ development and gelling so it pays off in big ten ie Wagner and so on

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There’s plenty of ball to be played - I agree with that! And you’re right that there are new faces and the guys need to figure out how to play to win.

We need better perimeter defense. We need to force more turnovers and commit fewer turnovers. We need to get more transition points. We need better ball movement on offense with more dribble penetration. We’ve already conceded rebounding to the opponent. We can’t afford to have just an average backcourt showing.

Basically move it like Golden State, handle it like San Antonio, and defend it like the Celtics haha


Who else is hurt?

Jblair u are right about transition points. We are horrible on the break and come away with nothing where any other team gets a dunk or easy lay in. This team could be a great team on the run and I think it’s important we start to run. Walton rankman levert irvin pluscwagner couod really run and gun. There’s no reason not to push the tempo with those guys. That could be a nightmare to run with.

Missed today’s game but I like what I read about chatman. Give him more looks and me a see him develop as a weapon off the bounce. A nice midrange game from him would be huge. With the way we shoot the three we should be a contender. We just need to get the open looks. Run better offense, not so sloppy. I still believe in our individual players as talented kids. They’re just not coming together right.

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