Report: Saddi Washington staying at Michigan

Big thumbs up for Saddi Washington. Go Blue!


Plus, Ann Arbor is not a bad place to spend a year of your life.


Yep, I was just going to say, “Basketball forum!”

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The one being critical on the way out was Ty Rodgers, who was the videographer, and is a complete douche.


What coaches left Michigan for lateral moves? I honestly can’t remember one, anyway here’s a link grading Harbaugh on his coaching hires.

Spath isn’t qualified to grade coaching hires. Exited out of the article as soon as I saw who wrote it.


Truly the list of coaches are merely a list I don’t care what he rated them. The question still stands which coach left for a lateral move? Those that Harbaugh fired really can’t count if they made a lateral move.

The previous coach never, ever fired or demoted anyone. Hoke’s assistants all loved him because he was so loyal to them. That was a recipe for failure.

Beilein had a lot of assistants leave, some for better jobs, some were even less than lateral moves. He consistently hired good replacements and upgraded his staff. That meant hiring coaches that may well leave before long. Harbaugh does the same thing.


I wish I could like your comment more than once, well said.

Not sure if you saw but if you look above I corrected myself. Going back and reading about them they were not lateral moves, they just were far from “big promotions”.

On top of that I doubt it would have been a raise. I don’t think he would have been offered Hawkins salary, cost cutting mode in full effect in all sports at WMU right now.

Off subject but I’m hearing from 247 sports that Bobby Hurley is having Josh Christopher’s brother pushing to convince Josh to come to ASU during face to face recruiting shutdown although they still say Michigan still leads in the recruitment. Just something else for us to think about.

Was that on the Michigan or ASU board?

Also, you don’t have to post off subject here. There is a Josh Christopher thread for this kind of info.

I mean if you want someone’s younger brother to play for you, and they like each other, and you coach the older brother. Wouldn’t you talk up how great it would be to stick together in these uncertain times? I sure would.

JC is just so savvy, I’m sure he’s going to do what he wants either way.

Michigan board Zach Shaw. FWIW Saddi Washington is listed as #2 recruiter in the nation behind a Duke asst John Scheyer. Saddi deserves a raise.


I saw on the ASU board that they expect JC to make a decision in two weeks and they basically say it’s a toss up between Michigan and ASU

My apologies I did not notice that.

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University of Michigan is very proud of him too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Because travel is so safe right now, right? Way to go Hurley…