Purdue at Michigan Discussion Thread


Defensive rebounding was good from what I saw. Our post defense was better than it had been. Maybe not in terms of points, but in at least stepping up to a challenge. In the first half, I thought we defended the three ok, they just hit some shots. Second half was not at good.

I haven’t looked deep into the numbers, so I very well could be off on my statement. But from my eye test, I thought we competed well defensively against the best team we’ve played all year.


should be interesting to see how they man up vs Mich St

Langford-MAAR? Matthews?
Bridges-Matthews? Livers? MAAR?
Jackson-Livers? Matthews?
Ward-Wagner (I’m real scared here)


I mean I know JB will not give Poole the opportunity this year in a final minute, go get a basket, iso situation but in all honesty there’s no one on this team that I think can get a better shot off than Poole. He has a skill set that just allows him to create space get off shots and he has shown that he can make them!
with how bad our late clock late game situation was last night I think Poole gives us a better chance of getting points than anyone on this team in an iso situation. But obviously and unfortunately Beilein probably won’t give him that opportunity this year at least.


Agree with this 100%. I doubt the numbers support this being a great defensive game, because Purdue made tough shots and Haas is simply a tough guard. But I thought we rebounded and defended as a TEAM about as well as we could. I’d imagine a lot of our players are pretty damn exhausted today


That’s anecdotal over statistical.


Yeah, me too. The 2-6 FT line from Matthews/Simpson/Wagner was not good. I think at least one was a front-end too (that we got back though…). But we did rebound 50% of our missed FTs, which is pretty amazing.


It really is bizarre how much space Poole is able to get for himself. He has the ability to toy with defenders and he knows it. Very tricky guy and he knows it.


It’s more an issue of small sample size, though I’ve been trying to note whether this happens or not (for us and against us) in most games recently. I’d welcome a more comprehensive analysis though if you’re offering.


Without a doubt. I do recall Beilein a few weeks ago calling him the shiftiest guy he’s ever seen and we have seen that recently for sure. Even last night watching him toy with Mathias, someone who is for sure up there as one of the best defenders in the big 10, and actually getting space for a shot then getting Mathias to foul him on a three, that was some impressive stuff.


It should be noted that Purdue also struggled with Michigan.


Didn’t we already get the stats for offensive rebounds on FT’s, in general?

Getting the stats for offensive rebounds on front ends would be pretty exhaustive/near impossible, I suspect.

Iirc, the offensive rebounds we got off FT’s last night came off of misses that took particularly/unusually high bounces off the rim, which is exactly the sort of thing that speaks to their anecdotal nature.


Wait, what are we trying to figure out here? Livers and Teske have been pretty good tapping out missed free throws this year. That’s all we’re talking about right? Those plays should have extra value for @therealmirman who despises missed front-ends :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what we’re talking about. Yes, I was very pleased with/pleasantly surprised by those plays :grinning: In fact, I went from utter dejection of realizing it was a front end miss to extreme relief, realizing we had secured a new possession. Something like “no, no, groan, oh, okay, this is okay.”

I generally don’t think it’s something great to rely on - and God willing those remain tip outs and not offensive fouls - but the team has been pretty good at keeping plays alive overall and tipping it to the right colored jersey. Hope that continues.

I think it is a fair point that for some teams a front end miss is more hopeless than for others. We’ve traditionally been on the hopeless end, so a change is welcome. But say, a team like West Virginia, it’s probably not as bad for them to miss a front end, because they have such active, talented offensive rebounders in the mix.


I don’t think so. I posted an article with numbers from an NBA season but I don’t think we had anything on FTs specifically in the NCAAs vs general OR%.

Also, listing the stats from the most recent game isn’t an anecdote, but it is a small sample size. Your subjective recall of the bounces being “unusual” is more anecdotal.


I’ve got to disagree with you about your understanding of anecdotal vs. statistical but I really don’t want to sidetrack this discussion further.

(I just was the statistics guy for a political think tank made up of ex-McKinsey bigwigs, but what do I know)


No, you didn’t have to disagree (and I wasn’t distinguishing between anecdotal and statistical evidence generally, it was more nuanced), but you may choose to continue to using the words incorrectly. Have a good one.


I sorta of wish I would have proposed an over under for the number of ankles Poole will break this year. He is going to sit some defenders down. Fun to watch!


Poole is also still only 18 years old. Doesn’t turn 19 until June.


Dylan should hold a Kaggle competition for the UMHoops community some day.


Ha, this was back in 2006 and I don’t think I’d have the current horsepower for that, lol.