Possible 5th year transfers?

Dylan I am not sure how the 5th year thing actually works. Would a guy like Kyle Collinsworth be eligible for a 5th year? He played in 10/11 took a mission, returned for 13/14, and finished his 3rd year of playing this year. If he graduates this year would he be eligible?

As far as I know, anyone who graduates, chooses a major at another school that isn’t available at their current school and has eligibility remaining can be immediately eligible.

I think any coaching staff would take a look at a 5th year guy, just to look. Toughest part for Beilein is that he always needs a visit in order to offer. To his detriment, Beilein takes too long to evaluate these types of players and will rarely will get an extended look.

Something to think about is once Michigan becomes involved then another school seems to step to the forefront in the recruitment. If it’s the sell or some behind the scenes stuff that we just aren’t privy to.

Here’s a list for the up and coming season!

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Marcus Keene please!

I think john gets the players that can adapt and fit his system. Simply not enough time for most players to grasp the action Michigan runs. Coming in as a 5th year senior leaves very little time to learn and adapt. Transfers like Mathews/Robinson are a different story, full year of practice and education before they see the floor. IMO, very low probability he ever takes a 5th year player. I don’t recall that happening in the past 10 years.

I think the probability is even lower for a point guard. Very little room for error on the floor…they have to value the possession!

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I could be wrong, but I though Coach passed a comment at the beginning of this season that the Staff had kicked tires on a few Grad Transfers this past summer, but either on the player side or on UM’s side the fit wasn’t there? If that’s true, then that indicates the Staff would be open to the idea ----- for the correct player.

I agree with you, Beilein’s system is very complex and that decreases the likelihood of a “one year rental” being able to star at UM. And I agree with you PG is the toughest position to master in his offensive system. All that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Staff kicks tires on a 5th Year backup PG/combo guard type to provide experienced depth at the guard slots.

I agree…I would think all options are on the table. The window is so short…15 weeks before the season begins, it would have to be a great fit.