OT: NBA Contracts

Cap is rising. Owners got huge pay day from TV contracts. Either they keep it all or players get some. I’ll choose players. it’s not like owners would keep prices steady or drive prices down with the money. Those will rise no matter what. Same as it ever was’d

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Exactly. You hit the nail on the head, Sly.

@rmg83 These players are getting higher salaries to correlate with a higher cap. It happens every 3-5 years or so and is more or less proportional to what it always has been. The last 10 times haven’t caused the downfall of the NBA that you’re describing so I’m not sure why this one suddenly would.

I’m cool with Durant to the Warriors. Will be interesting to see how they fit together.

The way the wealth has been shared around the league the last half-decade or so, with great teams in Miami, OKC, Sacto, and San Antonio–while NY and LA floundered–has been really healthy for the league. An unbeatable Warriors team could get old fast. But certainly if they flounder then lots of people will be happy. I am more intrigued with what happens now in Boston and NY.