Oregon (Sweet 16)



To be fair and side with @slyboogie2 here, I don’t think they put Moe in many positions to succeed like the Louisville game. Combine that with him being off, and you have the bad game he had.

I thought they tried to get him going early but against Bell. I was hoping they would try as best as possible (I know Oregon didn’t always give them the chance) to go 1-5 PnR and get the switch. They didn’t do that once in this game to get him the ball down low. They made it a point in Louisville and he went off. I think the coaches got afraid of going to it with how off he was in the first half.


I agree. Wagner’s emotion is a blessing and a curse. He’s a bright kid though and I think he’ll figure it out. He already has shown that he isn’t bothered game by game, now he just needs to get on top of the play to play part.


Mo’s body language and engagement really take a dive when he doesn’t feel things are going his way. OkSt game was the same. There may been better ways to utilize him and get better matchups, but he doesn’t do himself any favors based on his lack of energy when he’s down. His streaky engagement, and DJ’s streaky focus both need some corrective work (and that screenshot above about DJ probably not knowing the situation is both spot on, and really disheartening. Someone needs to tell him the situation).

Sitting there at Sprint Center, I honestly think we had 5-10 chances to win that game (Duncan’s in-out misses, missed 1-1s, etc), but honestly they were just outworking us for loose balls, rebounds, boxouts, etc. They missed probably 8-10 shots within 10ft that hit back iron. I was feeling fortunate to not be down more, and would say that on talent we were probably even, but we seemed to be fighting to stay above water and were fortunate as many things went our way as they did.


“Stacked” is probably overdoing it. We had a lot of guys who were talented but inconsistent. Wilson/Wagner seemed to alternate good and bad performances, as did Rahk in the last couple weeks. The seniors were the two guys who showed up every game in the BTT/NCAAs.

It’s too bad we couldn’t have redshirted Walton his sophomore year when he got hurt. If he were to come back, along with everyone else, man we’d be good…


I consider that starting five pretty stacked. Two guys good enough to play im Europe, two NBA talents and a nice college player. Hell maybe Walton can catch on in the NBA too. Yogi did and I think Walton is playing at yogis college level.

I also say were clearly superior without Boucher because we actually played quite bad. I don’t think it was their d. A lot of our shots were rushed and just poor decisions and a lack of movement. Something we do at times in every game for segments but this game it was all game. Still with all that we still win that game if we don’t give up a foul shot o rebound. Something which is very hard to do by the way. To me that lends me to believe we are the better squad. answering two separate people there. I just think if both teams play their best game we win a series 4-2 in NBA format. Louisville is a better squad imo. Losing Boucher really limits them imo


Europe has so many leagues its ridiculous. Most of them don’t pay that well. Playing somewhere in Europe is not that prestigious.


I am reconsidering the opinion of Michigan’s game after watching what Oregon is doing to Kansas.


Oregon looks really good, even without Boucher. It’s to our credit that we played them as tough as we did. And we were so close to pulling it out.


Not sure I agree - he literally had 3-4 wide open looks from three, he just didn’t come close on any.


His shot can be off but that’s different from going to work down low. He had great looks at three but was never put into a mismatch down low.

I think it’s easily clear he had a rough game, but he never was given a mismatch down low to get going.


That’s almost a whole starting 5 playing pro ball of some sorts. I’ll take it even if Derek is in Israel somewhere. Lots of great college players over there. Nothing tosneeze at.


What’s sickening is Oregon was playing much better early in the year. When I saw them whoop Arizona earlier this year I told myself wow these guys might win it.

As big as their wins were the last two games their playing with fire. Their running bad sets and hitting really tough shots while Kansas and us missed a lot of looks we usually hit/ took some bad looks.

There’s something to be said for them that their not even playing that well and still in the final four. It shows their amazingly talented. That said if Oregon doesn’t clean it up a bit their going down next game. Kentucky was very very impressive and hitting their stride at the right time. Unc as well is very good. That game and the winner versus Oregon will be awesome tv.

Then the zags. Great final 4 coming up particularly if fla wins.


Was no able to watch the game, is there someplace to go where I can watch a replay?


I’m just now looking over the box score from Oregon’s win over Kansas.



HAIL on YouTube might have it