Open Practice 11-1

Yes he does.

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lol stop it

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I am sorry but you should stop. When have you seen him play last that he does not suck. Not coming in on a scholarship means something. It means you are not good enough to play at the top level of college basketball. The guy may be good for a walk-on but he should not be playing in any circumstances.

Reegs and romeowolv, those are some real high quality replies. When have you seen him play?


He played 17 games during 2014-15.

He recorded 12 Club Trillions.

I am sure Sean would take no offense. He knows what his role is.

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I believe he actually played extended minutes in a winnable game against Maryland but injuries and auto bench got in the way.

Regarding, Lonergan knowing his role: Exactly!

I think quite a few posters have made a good argument that the problem with DJ, for example, is that he has not shown signs of embracing the idea of being a role player when he is on the court. I think some of you guys are underestimating how much the 8th, 9th, and 10th man are valuable on the court relative their ability to be and embrace being role players.

I think most agree that we need quality minutes at the forward spots from DJ or Ibi, preferably both. And if one goes down, we definitely need quality from the other. Although as Dylan has mentioned, playing Xavier, Derrick, and Muhammad at the same time is an option too.

I guess I’d agree that having to play Lonergan in a close game probably won’t be a good sign, but sometimes playing good D and being in the right spot is all you need for a couple minutes of spot duty.

Some of these comments miss the mark. Of course, we can speculatively use the possible appearance of Lonergan as an opportunity to bash Beilein–there, do you feel better? And to the degree that Lonergan struggles we will wish we had more options. But while he is in I will wish him the best–he’s playing for my school, wearing the colors, and doing his damnedest. We had a pile of guys go to the league and it is what it is. Personally, I see some hopeful signs, but that’s just one guy’s epinion.


Mattman, I am not just being nice to Sean, I think he has some skills. I have seen him in the open scrimmage for three years in a row, and I remain surprised that he hasn’t gotten on the floor more. It’s not fair to bash a guy based on his limited showing two years ago. My eyes tell me that he doesn’t suck. And if Beilein thinks he’s ready as a backup, I am totally cool with this.


Nothing against SL at all but it does raise some legitimate questions about roster management. Namely having a fourth center on the bench and an open scholarship.

However, there is a different walk-on whose appearance in foul trouble/injury situations would raise bigger questions about the wisdom of letting Spike go. Let’s hope it never comes to that. (For the record, I don’t think it will.)

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LG = LonerGan ? Is it you, Sean?

I feel like sherrod Harrell and cj lee/David Merritt were all walk ons who contributed usable minutes at times.

Also if Duncan Robinson had wanted to come to Michigan out of hs he wouldve had to walk on.

Players can change and develop. Granted, like you mentioned all of these guys were either short or less than optimally athletic for D1. Walk ons at Michigan are really good players, even if not really good D1 players.

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I think it would be great if Sean earned playing time. Like LG, I have always thought Lonergan is not bad. I also think it would be cool if umhoops newest writer ends up being correct with his opinion that is apparently against the grain and controversial.

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Why do people still think we let Spike go? As if he was “ours” to keep. He was a 5th year. AKA FREE AGENT. He may not have liked the role he would have had here. Spike had a say and I’m certain he COULD have stayed. It’s no coincidence he ended up an hour from home and on a team that could USE him more than Michigan.


I still think Lonergan working with the twos comes back to math. Who else would be the 4th guard in the 2s group?


I think people say we “let spike go” because that is how people interpret the situation. Perhaps saying “we let Spike get away” would be a more accurate expression. In my mind there is still information to be gathered before any of us can accurately interpret the situation. I don’t believe that Spike wanted to leave. He left because of a specific set of decisions and projections on our end. If Spike Does well at Purdue and if, for whatever reason we need to employ the services of Dakich, for example, or if x is not ready, then yeah, I feel completely comfortable saying “we should have never let spike go”.

Right. You have 12 scholarship players. 1 redshirting, 1 transfer, + 1 extra big (Teske). That leaves 9 for the first two groups.

We’re only going 8 or maybe 9 deep anyway and guys will play multiple positions so the serious game minutes aren’t going to reach Lonergan unless something awful happens.

This conversation which is all about depth is not new. We have known since the off season that the team would have depth issues at the 3 and 4 spots especially if someone got hurt. C. Matthews can’t play until next year plus open scholarship. It is what it is. DJ Wilson and Ibi Watson will play a lot and we will need them to play well.

Thats the whole problem Dylan. We have 4 bigs on the team for ONE position on the court.

We don’t even have four guards at two positions…Thats roster mis-management, imo.

And just to be clear, I LOVE Beilein as an on court coach. Always have to throw that in there so I’m not called a hater.