Offseason Discussion Thread


Yeah those are weird takes. Huerter is really too light to be defined as “the ideal college stretch four”. Ideal college 4 is more someone like Bridges (pick either one!).

The Edwards as an off guard thing I guess is just weird because of size. There are only a few places in the league where you could slot him as the shooting guard (Phoenix, Houston, Washington, etc.). Has to be next to a tall point guard. I don’t get the obsession with Carsen Edwards as an “off guard” by many people in the media. It just seems to me that people just see that he played next to someone even shorter in PJ Thompson and thus Edwards is an off-guard. He can play off the ball, but he excelled on-ball in the pick and roll and ISOs as well. Elite pull up shooter. He’s very much a point in my mind.


Not saying anything about his draft position, but he is too small to be a “modern NBA off-guard.” Modern NBA off-guards are 6’6 and can guard multiple positions. As the saying goes, “you are what you can guard” and Edwards is listed at 6’1 and is almost definitely shorter than 6 feet in actuality. He basically could not play off-guard in the current NBA.

Edit: Didn’t mean to rag on that site as hard as it came off. You’re right.


I think the point was more that “modern NBA off-guard” doesn’t really describe his style of play at all.

Regarding ragging on the site… eh, it’s kind of frustrating how hard they jump off and on the bandwagon. In 2016 and '17 they weren’t even writing previews or recaps for the non-big games. I have voiced my frustrations with their analysis on here before, but you’re probably right in that it’s been beaten to death.


Dont know anything about the player, but knew OSU needs bodies. Ive seen a couple tweets/articles suggesting MSU will likely look for a grad transfer; I wonder if many other B1G teams will go that route. NW and Purdue already added one each, right?


Michigan Insider podcast with some bball updates at 12:00


Man that’d be quite the dream 2 man class to land Wilson and Carton


Those two would also be my choice 2 man class.


We are so lucky to have the resources that we do as Michigan fans. The quality of sites like this and TMI plus mgoblog for football is 100% ummatched. The blog/forum game for UNC is embarrassingly poor, it was a shock to see the stuff we have isn’t a given for major teams.


B1G seeds:
MSU: 2 (5 overall)
Michigan: 4 (15)
Nebraska 6 (22)
Maryland 7 (26)
Purdue 8 (30)
Wisconsin 10 (38)

I cant see the author’s list of who he is projecting staying in the draft/withdrawing, to know his thoughts on Ward, CM, Palmer, Copeland, Fernando, C. Edwards Happ. It’s hard to see Purdue as a tournament team, even with C. Edwards returning; they just lose so much. But I haven’t given a good luck at the full B1G conference-slate SOS.

This is probably the same B1G top 4 that I’d pick–assuming all of the guys I listed above do return to school (I think all of them are expected to, at this point?)–though I doubt the ‘gap’ between MSU and Michigan will be greater than the gap between Michigan and Nebraska.


If Ward is gone, why are so many analysts so high on MSU for next year? Winston is good, but he isn’t good enough to completely dominate. Langford hasn’t shown he can be consistent enough to be a star. And the rest of the players are just guys.


If ward leaves, that team is gonna stink.


Ward isn’t gone, right? Hasn’t made a decision yet


No he hasn’t decided yet, but I heard he hasn’t been going to classes or any team activities and has one foot out the door. He may be gone regardless of whether anyone tells him he will be drafted. I’m not sure why the default assumption seems to be that he is coming back (although I agree he probably should).


There was an article that came out where Ward’s dad said that he’d come back if the feedback wasn’t good, so I assumed that meant he was coming back. But the word around MSU seems to be that he’s likely gone, so idk.


Maybe he’ll get a Developmental League coach that’ll teach him how to pass out of a double team.


Even if Ward is back, how are they a top 5 team? I don’t see it. Top 25 I could see.


Matt McQuaid and Kenny Goins are going to start for this team. I have no idea at all how anyone in the country is predicting them that high


I think part of it is that people are looking at their recruiting class ranking and assuming that they are bringing in an elite ready-to-play class. When in reality, Brown, Bingham, Henry and Kithier are all unlikely to be plus college players next year.


Don’t see Ward being a loss unless he decides to get in shape, even then he’s pretty limited. He was pretty good against North Carolina early in the season, but by time they played M in January he looked bigger and slower. I think MSU is better served with Xavier Tillman as primary big.


Their biggest weakness last year was their guard play and that is all they have coming back. They don’t appear to have impact freshmen coming in, so where is the threat?