Offseason Discussion Thread


Everyday I come on here hoping to see that we’re looking at Joe Cremo as a grad transfer. I think he may be a kid who could fit our needs as a back up two guard. If he had the opportunity to compete with JP for the two guard spot and even if he loses that competition, which he probably would, he’d still have the opportunity to get at least 8-10 minutes, perhaps more, he might be interested. Where can he go where he would get a better grad year than Michigan? Maybe there is a better option out there, maybe one will pop up, but we DO have a scholarship available, and we do need to be sure we have a solid two guard back up to JP. Now, if some uncommitted 2018 four or five star SG or combo dropped in our lap? Well, that would be OK, too. But we are in on some REALLY good 2019’s so anyone who would be here beyond 2018-19 would have to be REALLY special, I think.


Kinda tough to sell a grad transfer on a backup role. You’d think they’re looking for 6th man at worst.


I’ve gotta think there is someone you can sell on getting the opportunity to compete with JP for a starting spot. Probably not an elite grad transfer, but there’s gotta be someone who’s just moving up and wants to play a role for a good team for a year.


I am ambivalent about grad transfer. I wouldn’t expect it to be a productive addition. I’m confident enough in the current roster to not feel the need to add a grad transfer. I can see the need in theory but the players M is on don’t move the needle.
Now if we are talking about the kid from Texas reclassifying; you’ve got my attention


Not sure if this is shade towards MSU or JJJ just making fun of a former teammate/friend, lol.


Jackson and Stewart were never teammates at LaLu. Steward was still at McQuaid in Rochester when Jackson was a senior.


I’m with you, I’m really disappointed we are not involved. I think he’d get pretty damn good minutes and be very useful. Kid is perfect for coach b and vice versa. He’d really help us next year. Great shooter, great passer, very crafty, great iq. Instant offense.


Interesting that we’ve yet to hear anything on the Charles front. I believe he has a deadline kf this Saturday at 11:59pm to enter the draft (with or without an agent).


Sorry if this has been answered, but do they plan on taking a Europe trip this year?

Would be awesome for them obviously but also cool to see some Summer game footage. (Also, holy cow that was already four years ago getting a first glimpse of Chatman and crew on the site??)


Wonder if he’s not declaring? Very strange that he hasn’t declared. Maybe he’s been given an indication that he would not get a combine invite


I just assumed he’s hard at work on a third edit of an article for the Players Tribune


I believe they are planning a Europe trip this year. Sam was talking about it on his show yesterday as if it was happening, and he’s pretty much in the know about these things.


Espn has Matthews as the 28th pick in their 2019 Mock Draft


I seriously don’t have any qualms about a grad transfer as long as, 1. He can fit into the culture and wouldn’t become a distraction, 2. He could play enough to actually help us, 8-10-12 minutes a game, 3. He wants to play for championships, B1G and NCAA, or at least on a team that has a chance to compete for those championships, and Albany is not a team that will do that, 4. He is eager to come in and COMPETE with Jordan Poole for a starting spot, but when that doesn’t happen, presumably, he will still compete for minutes and help make the team better both in practice and in whatever minutes he gets in games, 5. He understand the tremendous value he will be afforded by obtaining a graduate degree from MICHIGAN. Maybe that young man doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s Joe Cremo. Maybe it’s someone we don’t know about yet. But, if we find the type of young man I described it’s certainly a win for us and would be a win for him, too, AND we would still have that scholarship available for one of our outstanding 2019 prospects. Just my thoughts.


Yeah, I have no knowledge at all, none. I just think Charles is a very mature young man both intellectually and emotionally, and he KNOWS what he has to do to get into the first round. I really think his intent is to come back, be a leader on the team along with Z, and work, HARD, on the things he knows will make him a first rounder, and possibly a lot better than the 28th pick. I think he believes Coach B and staff can help him do that. I think, as always, he’s ready to do the work to prepare for the success he, and many of us, see is in his future. Again, these are just my thoughts with no real knowledge, just from watching Charles, listening to him speak, and some of the things John Miller has said. Coach B’s, “I can’t wait to continue to work with Charles” is telling to me, as well.


Seems like this would be a great year for a trip since we are bringing in a big class.


Teams are allowed to make a European trip once every four years. Beilein took his team in 2010 and 2014. Going this summer seems like a no-brainer.




As I read through the article, I thought “wow, this dude really knows the Wolverines”. So I looked for the author and found that it’s Zach Shaw, so no surprise. A very nice piece, good work Zach!