Non-conference scheduling/RPI/Alabama A&M


Sorry but it’s not luck when we continually schedule teams ranked 250-350. That’s just a given when you schedule certain conferences.


I’m not saying it is luck that Michigan schedules those games. I’m saying that everyone does and that Minnesota’s schedule looks better because three 250ish teams turned into 150ish teams.

Their December schedule was: Vanderbilt in South Dakota, NJIT, Ga Southern, Northern Illinois, Long Island, Arkansas State. Not really sure that is an example of what we want.


Sorry, that was my bad attempt at a joke. It was 100% luck that the teams jumped 100 spots and Minnesota is the farthest thing from how we should be scheduling, but Pitino is still an evil genius simply because he’s a Pitino.


(I was responding to @93grad not you)


If Mich takes care of its business at home in non conference and win one of Texas and North Carolina away I do not see the 250 - 350 RPI teams as having an effect. Because of all the turnover this year we need some prep games. Simmons addition is critical for adding experience and hopefully the freshman will transition smoothly which is not always the case.


This thread and the one over at mgoblog baffle me. I think Dylan said it best earlier in this discussion. When have we ever missed the tourney or dropped more than one seed line because of scheduling games like these? Every team plays a couple. No big deal. Also, this year the comt. should be considering other metrics and not valuing RPI as much as past years.


I think the concern is seed line can be a big deal. Also that the committee keeps saying it will look at more than rpi; then they provide the committee with only rpi and the final field pretty much was seeded by rpi. Which makes it tough to believe, “we really mean it this time guys”


I thought they were adding/providing other metrics this upcoming year? I could be mistaken though.


I hope they do. Rpi does not pass the eye test anymore.


That’s what was reported last winter in terms of seeding. I still agree, these lower ranked teams only become an issue if the team isn’t taking care of business against the better teams on their schedule. I don’t have a problem with a glorified practice game during/near finals and the semester break.