NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Texas A&M Discussion Thread


They remind me a lot of this MSU team.


I like that comparison!


MSU had quality shooters all over the place though at least on paper or when they were in the game (LOL). Winston, Langford, Jackson, McQuaid all right at 40% and they also had Bridges taking 6 a game at 36%.

A&M has only Gilder and Hogg as quality shooters at 40% and 38% respectively. Then they have six different guys that take between 1 and 3 threes a game and make between 24% and 32%.

Being that we clearly matched up well with MSU this year, a less talented, less efficient version of them has to be a huge blessing this late in the game.


Yeah… sorry I shouldn’t have said a complete copy of MSU, but similar in overall style.

They aren’t as good of a shooting team and have some other differences. Just probably the best Big Ten comparison.


I think it’s a really apt comparison. They’re MSU but add on a couple more weaknesses.


Maybe I’m off here, but don’t they also resemble Tennessee quite a bit from the 2014 game?

Two bigs, hit the offensive glass, not a great shooting team, hit their stride in the tournament. (Which GR3 just abused their 4 man that game haha AND Irvin got it going from deep.)


Somewhat because of the two true bigs aspect, but that Tennessee had a pretty normal perimeter rotation. I like the MSU comparison more due to the offense running through the point guard and A&M playing a stretch 4 out of position at the 3 due to their abundance of bigs and lack of guard depth.



Very true. Not to go off topic but I forgot Tenn was ranked 10th in Kenpom that year. Crazy they were an 11 seed.


I guess, promising that Texas A&m will outrebound us is not something I would have done.


Lots of people(me at one time) question the things Beilein does. By the looks of things, he seems to be a bit smarter than any of us. What possible effect could him saying that have on the game? I’m going to say none.


Wow, that season also had the #13 team as an 8 seed, the #15 team as a 7 seed, the #16 team as a 9 seed, the #21 team as a 9 seed, and the #22 team as an 11 seed. Absolutely brutal for the unlucky high seeds who had to face those guys early.


Haha. Yeah, I was just joking around. I mean, I was being serious that I would not say that, but I am not a basketball genius and he is, and they probably will outrebound us—I just wouldn’t promise it :slight_smile: Also, truth be told, I like JB’s quirkiness. I think it is hilarious that he would make such an emphatic statement. JB is a character.


I just wonder how many subs he ate after Poole’s shot


Beilein’s quote speaks to the point that “out-rebound” (rebound margin) isn’t really a thing that makes sense if you are thinking about basketball the right way.


You might not have noticed since you were in Wichita, but the pre game “These are the team stats that are important” that TBS showed to compare the teams included points per game, opponent points per game, rebounds per game, and something else really dumb. It certainly is one of my pet peeves to see out of context stats blindly shoveled down our throats.

I get that they need to appeal to less intense basketball fans, but still…


And of course we had to play that #13 8 seed on top of that #10 11 seed. Poor Wichita St that year.


I’m sure he had some subs and it was crazy.


At this point in the tournament, I am not taking any team lightly. They all concern me. I also think that we can beat any of them on a given night.


I hope Ibi Watson can really work on his shot this summer because I love the defense that he’s played in the 2 shifts he’s had since the BTT.