NBA Draft Projections & Mock Drafts 2019


To me, I think the only case where I really worry about next season is if all three of Matthews, Poole, and Iggy declare. Jalen Wilson can provide depth at the 3/4 and Cole Bajema has been touted as more of a 3/2 combo. If you only lose 2 of the above 3, you probably can still have reasonable depth assuming appropriate level of development from DDJ, Brooks, Nunez, and Brandon Johns + the two 2019 freshmen. Just my thoughts though.


I agree. If all 3 leave you are left with a team of career low usage defensive specialists, and sophomores/freshman who have almost no experience. If even one of Poole or Iggy comes back, that’s a huge help as they can be the main guy on offense and help depth out a ton.


While I think we will certainly be depleted if all three leave, I think Livers is bound to have a break out year next year even if Iggy and Poole stay. I have been super impressed with his growth that I have to believe that he will thrive. I question whether he could be the first option on the team but a star nonetheless


I know the recent Jalen Wilson talk has been about him playing the 3/4 but I think if all three left, he could play major minutes at the 2 based on what I’ve seen on tape. Then Livers and Johns could slide down to the 3/4 potentially. So many options, even in this doomsday scenario I’m not too worried especially when you add Brooks and Bajema to the mix.

But if one of Poole/Iggy stays, then we’re just as loaded as this year


I feel like if JP goes he’ll be on the bench for a few years before establishing himself. I get the paycheck but I think if he stays one more year, gets stronger, improves his defense and becomes the unquestioned alpha he’d be up near the lottery if not in it on the back end. That would provide him a better path to playing time IMO.


College = less travel and time on the road so more time with your cat
Pros = more travel and time on the road so less time with your cat

Means Poole has a decision to make!


Yeah I wonder if we’d look hard at a grad transfer wing if all 3 leave. Otherwise the projected team looks very solid defensively but real lack of creation off the dribble.

Current projection if all 3 leave:

Teske 30 Johns 10
Livers 24 Johns 16
Wilson 28 Livers 8 Nunez/Bajema 4
Brooks 25 DD 15
Z 32 DD 8

with hopefully one of Bajema or Nunez being 20 minute guys so Brooks can go down to 15 minutes or so. Though really it’s just Teske, Livers and Z getting around 90 minutes, Brooks, DD and Johns probably good for another 70-75 and then 35-40 minutes between the guys we have no evidence Beilein thinks is ready, from Wilson, Castleton, Bajema and Nunez in that order. It’s not so scary when you look at it that way, just absolutely need one of the young perimeter 3 guys (Wilson/Bajema/Nunez) to be a rotation guy on day 1.

My guess is 1 guy stays anyways, what with Matthews struggling offensively so much at times this year, Poole not maybe being quite assertive enough to get a 1st round grade and being a guy who probably take 2-3 years to really play like a Malik Beasley has for Denver, and Iggy we know was cautious coming to college too young and seems like the type of guy who might want to come back and be the clear #1 guy on O and most famous returning player in college, put up low 20s a game with Poole and Matthews leaving and be a 1st rounder.