Name, Image and Likeness Discussion

You know, the NCAA if it were a real organized body could simply put some restrictions on the amount of a donation or something. Hahahaha.

Well yeah with the salary structure the way it is now, they force trades to places but studs still hit free agency. With the max rules and exception rules they don’t choose primarily on money like in the nfl. It’s market size, team history, locations, pre existing relationships etc. Having a pre existing relationship can be big in attracting a player. The nba has been trying to cut back on tampering a ton because it’s been so prevalent.

How much have you given to U of M NIL Collectives?

  • $0
  • $1 - $100 Per Year
  • $100 - $500 Per Year
  • $500 - $999 Per Year
  • $1000+ Per Year

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“It’s me, I, I’m the problem it’s me”

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I was just curious if the board put its money where it’s mouth was


Not until I win the lotto and start dropping bags. Warde will hate me. I’m going rogue. Would pay one million a year for some Bidunga Dunks


I think I will be willing to put a little more into NIL…but it has been so chaotic knowing which option makes the most sense. Mostly I have tried to support players either selling merch or doing a meet and greet.

Otherwise I have mixed feelings about my role as a casual middle class fan. I want Michigan to have good NIL…but I already pay a ton for my football season tickets and donate to the marching band. I sort of feel like when a city asks tax payers to fund a stadium while the billionaire owner and millionaire players complain about it. In this case the athletes aren’t making money, but there are billions being paid out in the sport. So I will throw a few sheckles around and hope more wealthy alums will do the heavy lifting.


I am certainly not saying anyone is morally obligated or should give to NIL.

Where should we be putting it?!

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Mattress, a shoe, vinyl records


I’m sure this will be considered absurd but if a UM NIL collective went full Give Well in outlining their ROI I’d be vastly more likely to splash some cash. As it stands I don’t know why they’d deserve small donors.

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Already covered

Can’t imagine many of us have the disposable cash to sway a recruitment.

Spoilet alert:

They don’t.

I pay the players in opportunities


Until such time as my child is not in expensive-as-he|| daycare, my hands are tied.


I have some bad news for you… After that expensive daycare comes all of their activities - sports, dance recitals, summer camps, music lessons, etc. Then they get good at those things so you pay for higher level activities like travel sports or dance companies. Then they learn to drive and you have to buy them a car and pay for insurance. Then they go to college, which makes your daycare costs look like you threw pennies in a wishing well.

So yeah…I am not in a position to help NIL much either.


Okay I quit


Hey if I can regret purchasing a Big Dickinson Energy shirt I never wore you dadass dads can too


I said it earlier

I am not making value judgements

I have given $0.00, so please nobody think I’m shaming anyone. I also don’t scream about the misery of our NIL though.

Everyone has their thing they spend semi-frivolously on, mine is travel

I think the players should make money, I also think it should be the school that pays them. I guess I’ve bought a few things that contribute to NIL (merch like jerseys) but that’s it.