Name, Image and Likeness Discussion

NCAA would take appropriate action against players and colleges. Colleges who arrange or promote NIL deals that violate the legislation may face sanction.

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My understanding is that the new breed of state law strictly forbids the NCAA from issuing sanctions on things that are legal per the state law.

The Fairness Accountability and Integrity in Representation of College Sports Act (FAIR College Sports Act) would preempt all existing and future state NIL laws, a limitation currently being sought for Congress to address by the NCAA.

Not sure what the going $$ number is for a total college basketball NIL “package”. But, probably, most D1 schools have a NIL package that stinks.

What school has the best package? Kansas? What’s the number?

What about the mid-majors? What is the package number at Butler? CMU?

Because power conferences make up 1/4 roughly of D1 schools you’re probably right that most stink.

But if you limit the scope to power conference teams, and further to top 40 teams or so I’m sure they don’t.

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I’d venture what Kansas is doing doesn’t remotely resemble NIL

I’d venture what Kansas is doing doesn’t remotely resemble (what you want) NIL (to be).



No Way
Is It


Or what we were told (publicly) what NIL was going to be


It’s not about what anyone “wants” it’s about the letter, spirit, and enforceability of the rule.

Let’s just please jump ahead to revenue sharing and full on employment of the players so Michigan can stop putting themselves at a disadvantage.


It’s not about want.

It’s about crave

ASAP, yes pls

Yeah, I think that it is pretty clear that the spirit is different than the reality of the rules right now. In my opinion the “spirit” of the rule is what people want in this case.

The reality is that the rules aren’t close to powerful or smart enough to make that spirit the actual rule.

I’m skeptical that a bill in congress will a) get passed b) be well thought out and c) actually work.


Lindsey Graham will save us


One chapter in this drama will definitely be titled Mr Selfie Goes to Washington

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Yup, because when it comes to preventing dark money from sketchy donors from secretly lining others’ pockets, I consult…Congress?


please visit www dot Congress dot com to file a complaint

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“I’d like to help you, son, but you’re too broke to vote”

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White House dot com is where you go to complain