Moving Screen: A pod on the state of Michigan basketball

No. I could def see us missing the tourney

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Without any head coach experience all is conjecture. We could be a five hundred team winning only half it’s games. It could be a ten loss team and in the sweet sixteen’s . Does anyone remember Beilein’s first Michigan team record?It was ten and 22. That is 22 loses.
I hope to be surprised with a twenty plus win record first year for Coach Howard but truly no one knows.

Beilein’s first team started 2 freshmen, 2 sophomores, and Rod Coleman.

Simpson has more NCAA tournament minutes than that entire roster combined.

Experience matters in college basketball.

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I think Zavier Simpson could player coach the 2019/20 team against Beilein’s 2007/08 team and win 9 of 10. That’s not a knock on Beilein, either.

Wow, a Rod Coleman reference…We really need the season to start.

Especially because his name was Ron.


:rofl: Yep, definitely need the season to start.