Michigan/VCU Post Game Discussion


I’d love to give this more than one “like” hence this comment.


One team got tight and faded at the end, while the other made plays in crunch time and found a way to win. I didn’t find that painful to watch at all.


I found it painful at times during the game. I thought we played pretty good defense throughout the game. The only real gaffe was the missed switch called by Coach B. The defense definitely kept us in the game during the period of our “brain cramp” where we allowed ourselves to get sped up, didn’t run the offense, and threw the ball away. VCU made a lot of tough contested shots through the first 3/4 of the game, and one crazy shot where the ball was just thrown up toward the backboard and, somehow, found it’s way through the hoop, but it was those last five minutes or so where the defense really rose to the occasion. Over the last couple of minutes they totally shut out the Rams, and THEN, Maar and Mo took over during “winning time.” That was not painful at all, unless you were a VCU fan!


Agreed but some people absolutely called for his benching. In the Open threads especially. Even then, not sure how justified the frustration was.


I may be one of the few who isn’t that overly concerned about our PG situation. I think it will resolve itself eventually. I had assumed that it would be Simmons backed up by Z. But, right now I think Eli is our best option. The offense flows the best when he is in there and he presents the best scoring threat right now. When he gets a little more comfortable, I expect his shots to start falling. He is a scorer and isn’t hesitant to let it fly. If he can get 20-25 minutes a game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a 15-18 point game. And that would help open up things for the other guys.

I could still see Simmons get the nod if he ever gets comfortable with the system. He doesn’t look relaxed right now. I get the feeling that he built his reputation by being “the man” in a more free wheeling offense where he was free to create, mostly for himself.

Simpson looks like a defensive stopper at this point.


Thank you for evoking Jon diebler. He’s my go to big ten “just a shooter” comp. he terrified me when he was at osu


Yea I’m not worried about Duncan at all. He is a known commodity. Suspect defense but stretches the floor on offense even when he can’t get open. Biggest concern after this tournament is still the pg position.

Was hoping one of them would take control in Maui like Burke did back in his freshman year. I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that the offense in the half court is better with brooks but the defense/overall ball handling is better with Simpson. Simmons hasn’t shown a thing yet to justify playing time over either guy.

Gotta hope one of them emerges soon as I think it only hurts the longer the three man rotation lasts. I don’t think rahk at the point is the answer either as the offense has never looked good in four years when he has been ball dominant. At this point I have no idea how to handicap this, just hope one of them steps up soon.