Michigan to face St. John's in 2023 Gavitt Games

Wonder if it’ll be televised on CBS?

I think Gavitt Games are usually broadcast on a FOX network.

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Yep, typically FS1 has the majority of the tournament though BTN will get a Big Ten home game occasionally.

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Does the new B1G commissioner have the TV contracts settled with the networks?

Based on the article I read the other day, sounds like a lot of smoothing things over is still being done by the new commish. Kevin Warren left things a total mess.


Missed a prime opportunity to match up GTown and Providence there.

GTown and Providence are already matched up in conference…

Very valid point. Forgive my lapse in judgement

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I find it hard to believe people at the administrative level continue to be in gross negligence like this and continue on a payroll. The first thing the Bears should do is be concerned enough to fire him, this speaks louder of his character than any degree or resume. The B1G needs to relieve Warren from some of his $$$$$ through litigation.

I read somewhere that they BIG10 is still studying the appropriate level of bonus / deferred compensation they want to award Warren. I’m sure these incidents don’t help but I feel confident they are going to do something egregious anyway.

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