Michigan State Discussion 2018-19


I dunno, but this whole idea that officials don’t make certain calls at the end of games. . . utterly dubious.


Believe Jim Burr had left the game due to injury so they were down to 2 officials which could have played a part.


There ya go making excuses for the refs again! :slight_smile:


Anyone else nervous for tomorrow? I live in the Lansing area and the vast majority of my friends and some of my family are MSU fans/alums. It’s rough around here whenever Michigan loses to them.


I’m always nervous when we play MSU. We have had a cold shooting stretch in almost every game and MSU has a legit defense. I like our chances and think we will win, but I would not be shocked if MSU pulled the upset.


I’m not nervous. Michigan is better and at home. The game to be nervous about is the one in EL imo


I’m very very nervous. It’s a should win, so it’s a must win


as opposed to every sport’s forum everywhere…always?



Lol at Gonzaga getting a 1 over them


Now Winston’s game is off because of tendinitis?

Michigan State does not expect Nick Ward back vs. Michigan


Tendonitis is what you get when you walk on your knees.


M wasn’t good earlier this season on a week rest. Hopefully different this time.
I think biggest emphasis offensively will be move the ball. It’s not so much what MSU does it’s how M reacts.
Defensively I expect a much better result.


Although it’s entirely possible Ward is out, I wouldn’t rule out some gamesmanship here.


Incredible to me how this kid has remade his body since I saw him play in HS multiple times. Even though he’s on the enemy’s side now, I can’t help but root for his future.


There are players on your rivals that are easy to dislike (like Draymond Green, Denzel Valentine, Kalin Lucas etc just as I’m sure MSU hates Moe, Stauskas and others). But this is honestly one of the most likable MSU teams IMO. The player I find most obnoxious on their team is McQuaid. The rest are pretty likable in terms of personality, particularly Cassius and Tillman.


Agree completely. Nick Ward and McQuaid are the only douches on their team.


always whining Ward is also pretty unlikeable


I pity him because Izzo acts like Ward is the bane of his existence. He reminds of me of the kid with the overbearing dad.


I agree with just about all of this but for some reason want to put Ahrens on that dislike list.