Michigan State Discussion 2018-19


Delicious fluffity fluff!


Average usage over the past 3 game win streak for MSU:

Minn Wisc OSU Average
Winston 28 32 37 32.33
Ward 32 30 31 31.00
McQuaid 17 10 18 15.00
Goins 0 15 16 10.33
Henry 11 13 0 8.00
Ahrens 11 20 10 13.67
Kithier 13 0 3 5.33
Tillman 22 19 22 21.00
Loyer 24 0 0 8.00

Gonna be very interesting to see how they manage to adjust their offense to account for no Ward. Are they gonna try to give Tillman Ward’s usage? And if so, what do they do when Kithier is on the floor instead? The offense is gonna need to fundamentally change.


I don’t think the offense fundamentally changes all that much… a few more touches for Tillman maybe, but it is predominantly the same thing: push the ball in transition to a rim runner or let Cassius Winston create something in the half court.


Is there a quick way to determine whether MSU’s offense has been different (perhaps less transition/post-ups) up until now with Ward off the floor? The difference between Ward and Tillman’s usage is pretty big and they’ve been playing mostly the same position.


Offense doesn’t change but what about shots? I think with their shooters and no Ward, everyone going to feel the light is green from 3.


Michigan State looks awful right now


Almost all of their baskets have been in early offense. Not pretty in the half court.


MSU will probably come back to win this, but does the glass half full Spartan crowd want to stick to the take that they’ll be just as good without Ward?


And they’re 4-8 from three right now too, and the offense still looks so terrible


Is that a take that is out there?


If Simpson continues his mastery over Winston, how in the heck does this edition of Spartans not get blown out at Crisler?


Woof, those last two calls (OOB and foul) on Rutgers were bad.


I’m guessing MSU improves on 3-of-10 shooting at the rim.


Comically bad.


Goins and Tillman have both had some very ugly moments this half. Missed layups, fumbling balls out of bounds or to the other team, airballed open threes.


Not those words exactly, but the Freep article posted in this thread attempts to explain why the injury helps MSU. Also, BQ seemed to imply on the podcast that he didn’t think it would be that big of a deal because their numbers were better with him off the floor.


The Freep article wasn’t by a columnist or beat writer, right? Maybe I mis-remember.



Cassius Winston looks like a middle-aged insurance salesman. I’d trust him.


I don’t know, but I was pretty convinced that the football team was going to go into the Horseshoe and quite possibly take OSU to the woodshed. Sometimes things don’t work out as good as they look on paper.