Michigan ranked 4th in initial NET Ranking release

Strength of schedule is only considered in one of the five components of the ranking. Have a good W-L record (primarily on the road) and your NET ranking will be heavily inflated… it is just a joke.

The bigger joke is that we don’t really know that… like we don’t actually know how the ranking works. That graphic the NCAA sent out is PR materials… It isn’t like there’s an actual equation.

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Yeah, we don’t know how much is weighted and which ones are weighted more or if all five components are equal.

We will know if the rankings are good as the season goes on. With most teams having only played 5-7 games, it’s not a lot to go on. They should have waited til January to release these rankings. I can’t imagine that the NCAA didn’t use the algorithm to look at past seasons to see how accurate it was. If it didnt, the NCAA is much more stupid than we think it is, which is pretty darn stupid.

For all of RPI’s flaws at least we knew exactly how it was calculated and we knew what the purpose was: resume resume resume.


Michigan #1 in the latest NET rankings

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It’s obviously a great ranking system!