Michigan Football Thread

The thing that is most disappointing about Harbaugh is the offense is what is holding us back and that is his area of expertise. We know Beilein’s teams struggled defensively for years but at least they were great offensively which is clearly his area of expertise. Fortunately, he was smart enough to bring in assistants to run the defense and we saw the results.

I wish Harbaugh would have hired a new assistant to run the offense this offseason. Unfortunately, I don’t really see that happening because offense is how he has made his way in coaching so I don’t see him completely turning it over to someone else. I think he needs someone not part of his coaching tree to bring in a fresh and new perspective.

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To be fair its very tough to compare success in college basketball and college football. Football it takes far less to be eliminated from any title talk, whereas in basketball if a team peaks at the right time a conference championship and a national championship are within their grasp.