Michigan Football Open Thread



Draw your own conclusions, but the rumor is that this is not injury related. That’s about all I can give


The rumor is that it is Peppers and others. Don’t know if true, but that is the rumor.


Bingo - now that it’s public, I’ll confirm the rumor (don’t know if it’s fact). Allegedly curfew violations


If there is a game that we don’t need him, it’s this one (or any of the first 3). But it’s been a long off-season and I’m excited for football. I was really looking forward to seeing our full team on Saturday.


I really believe that Peppers could make it to NYC in December if he stays healthy and has the kind of season most people think he’s capable of having. He’ll hopefully have a couple of special teams touchdowns and a few more on offense. And as the SAM in Brown’s defense, I think he’s going to have quite a few sacks and TFLs. The Hawaii game would give him a chance to pad his stats defensively (I doubt we’d see him on offense).



Nothing like clarification from the horse’s mouth


Chesson is about as straight and narrow as you can get.


I was thinking more in the lines of his injury during the offseason than disciplinary action


Sort of off topic but still found this interesting:

Jake Rudock: 30/51, 59%, 333 yds, 6.5 YPA, 4 TD, 1 INT, 6 carries, 42 yds.

Connor Cook: 31/56, 55%, 368 yds, 6.57 YPA, 0 TD, 3 INT, 1 carry, 12 yds.

I know preseason caveats and whatnot but still… Tell me those are the numbers of both of them in the NFL before last season and I’d slap you for saying that. I mean, Harbaugh, man.


That’s why I’m not as worried about our QB situation as I would be with any other coaching staff.

Also, if Harbaugh has the entire spring to work with Rudock, we probably beat Utah and definitely beat MSU. Oh, well. I’m excited to see how Speight looks tomorrow.


Harbaugh is such a good QB coach that I’m starting to think that Luck is just a product of Harbaugh and that’s why he’s been kind of a disappointment in the NFL.


Jim Harbaugh is THE quarterback coach at any level. Literally anything he touches is productive at an All Conference/Pro-Bowl level. His track record is so good its almost beyond questioning at this point.


What are the chances Peppers has a combined total of 15 sacks and TDs? Has anyone ever done that?


If Peppers is used on defense similar to the way Brown used his SAM at BC, then I think it’s attainable.


He got TC Ostrander and Tavita Pritchard to lead Stanford to 4 and 5 win seasons (7 of those wins were conference wins, so not padding the W-L record in the nonconference like Franklin at Vanderbilt) after they went 1-11 the previous year. Those teams would have been 2 or 3 win teams without JH as those Qbs were pretty awful.


No way that Peppers gets 15 TDs. That is A LOT of TDs. Chesson led the team last year with 12. If Peppers gets 2 on special teams, 2 on defense, 4 on offense, then he’ll be in Heisman consideration. 15… nah not happening.


He said “combined total of 15 sacks and TDs” so I think he meant, as an example, 10 sacks and 5 touchdowns. But yeah, I think 5-8 total touchdowns is well within the realm of possibility (probably depends on how many offensive snaps he gets), and so is 6-10 sacks.


Eddieben said 15 combined TDs and sacks, which is lofty but attainable. Matt Milano, BC’s SAM, had 6.5 sacks last year. He is 6’1, 215, so slightly bigger than Peppers but probably not nearly as explosive.

I could see Peppers getting anywhere from 4-8 sacks and 4-10 offense/ST touchdowns.


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