Michigan at UNC Discussion


My question is are MAAR and Duncan’s shooting percentages just slumps that will adjust to the norm? Or are they down because of their increased role and they are forced to take some tougher shots / expend more energy on offense.

Both are taking 3 more shots per game than they did last year, MAAR is most worrisome at 40% from the floor and 29% from three but as many have said, if Duncan is shooting 38% from three he doesnt do enough elsewhere to make much of a positive impact.


In Duncan’s case I think you can certainly say yes. He’s basically 2 or 3 made shots below his career #s of 43%. I don’t think he’s been shooting it poorly this season all things considered.

MAAR is an interesting case, but I don’t think he’s going to shoot in the 20s. I think that number will settle in the mid to upper 30s, but maybe not the automatic level he was during Big Ten play last year.

On a roster loaded with guys who haven’t shot it very well, a 40% three-point shooter is important.


Livers has played 80 minutes and attempted 22 shots. Duncan has played 237 minutes and attempted 74 shots.

Trying to adjust those numbers to a per-40 level, especially without somehow adjusting for guarantee games, isn’t really going to work in either direction.


Agreed on Duncan getting back to normal, and especially your point that we need to get some 40% + shooters in the game. I don’t feel comfortable saying any of the point guards can hit that mark, Matthews and MAAR probably won’t, and I think maybe that’s the biggest reason I want to see Livers and Poole get more consistent extended time soon. Clearly it’s early and small sample size but still they are the 2 best 3FG%s on the team right now and their strokes look confident to me


I was wondering what people think in terms of 3 point shooting from the eyeball test. My opinion:

Tier 1:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:

Tier 4:

I’m trying to get a sense of where people rank the ‘look’ of our new players shots. Do you guys think l am ranking our new players shots too high? Specifically Livers? He looks like a better than 35% shooter to me, for sure.


Based purely off look I’d drop Brooks a tier. His shot looks like he brings it too far behind his head.


So let’s just give Livers more minutes and see what happens.

I think this is exactly what Beilein is going to do. He likes Livers and he wants to see him earn more minutes and make us a stronger team I predict we see his minutes go up starting now.


I dont see why the argument has to be Duncan vs. Livers. Lets have more of both as needed.

Duncan should start, I wouldnt advocate for Livers starting.

Neither is exclusively a power forward. They are both wings, like matthews. The 3 and 4 position are identical. Since Beilein plays 2 wings, they can play together from time to time or livers can play when we need driving and rebounding and duncan when we need shooting. Or just play the hot hand. Either one can spell matthews for a few minutes as well.

Think of how many lineups the Celtics play, adjusting to the game as needed. There are plenty of minutes and plenty of lineups where livers gets more minutes and Duncan retains his role.


The difference between Charles Matthews and Duncan/Livers is that Matthews is one of two guys on the team (along with MAAR) who really does anything with the basketball (with the ball screen or not) and can create offense for himself and others. Whether it is Livers (backcuts, etc.) or Duncan (shooting, cuts) neither is really a playmaker with the ball.


Tousche. Fair point Dylan, fair point. Maar and matthews are the playmakers, not duncan or livers. I think I was just hopeful that Livers could gradually grow into that role as well. The scoring draught against UNC was painful to watch and when Livers started scoring it was a lifeline for me i guess. Mostly im just hopeful for what he can eventually become.

Also I like the idea of cheering on both livers and duncan rather than pitting them against each other.


His offense against UNC was all basically residual action (back cut dunk, putback, etc.). I’m not sure that I would say he brings a big scoring impact or that he would provide scoring off the bench. Michigan needs him as a solid defensive option, rebounder, and a guy who can finish those basic plays in the flow of the offense (corner threes, backcuts).


Agree wholeheartedly. I was at the game too. ( great atmosphere would have been nice to experience a close game). I thought Livers was active. That dunk did quiet the crowd. He did get abused by Maye. that dude has some strength.

Separate question. Not sure if was commented on but did it seem that when Hibberts came into game after Livers lost contact that he stayed in for an ususually long time? I don’t know if coach was sending a message to somebody, but it sure seemed like it.


The message being sent was to Duncan and MAAR, who sat the last 10 minutes of the game.


You’re right. Isaiah couldn’t effectively defend Maye. There will be a lot of players this year who will not be able to defend him. He’s big, he’s strong, and he’s a senior. Robinson couldn’t guard him, and as hard as Hibbitts tried, he really WAS abuse by Maye. We really didn’t have a matchup for Luke Maye.

As to your second comment, I was pretty happy to see Brent Hibbitts for a, kind of, extended period of time. I watched the kid in high school at Hudsonville and if he was playing at Oakland University or one of the regionals he’d be in the rotation or even starting. He’s a great kid and I’m glad he’s a wolverine, but, boy on that one take by Maye, it was hard to watch! Again, Brent Hibbitts could be a rotation player or a starter at any DII school in our state or even at Oakland or one of the regionals, but he’s at Michigan because he loves Michigan. I think Dylan is right, it was a clear message to two of our seniors. I hope it worked. We’ll know more tomorrow.


Junior***, just fyi


He looks like he’s 25! And he’s big, strong, and really good. And he WILL abuse a lot of players this year. And win a few games for Carolina. And I’m guessing he won’t be at UNC next year. But thanks for the clarification. :grinning:


I just wanted to comment on Time Out restaurant in Chapel Hill.

The restaurant was in existence long before the 93 championship game.

I was a freshman at UNC in 89 and Time Out was already an landmark at that point.


They must’ve changed the theme after the game then.


Teams don’t defend Livers and Robinson the same way. One more thing that doesn’t show up in their individual stats. They play off of and help off of Livers a lot more. When Robinson in there, the offense seems to flow better.