Michigan at UNC Discussion


If only athletic guys who could shoot, defend, and drive weren’t all rated top 25…


Ball screen coverage is generally very dependent on the team/player that you are defending so that’s something that changes on a game by game basis. (Depends on how the ball handler shoots it, what sort of skills the roll man has, etc.)


I see both as shooters but I see Nunez being able to create his own shot at some point sooner than Ibi. When I see Ibi on the court I see no court awareness and his shot is not funky but awkward.


I have no opinion on Nunez, I can’t believe a guy from Brooklyn has so little tape on him. I think we’ve seen early how brutal it is to only have 2 guys who are consistently creating their own shots, so if he could do that it’d be a very nice plus.


I would not bank on Nunez as a creator/playmaker early in his career, but maybe at some point. Showed some nice off the dribble pull up game, but not really a shoot or pass playmaker, especially at the next level.


“Luke Maye is a really tough matchup for us,” Beilein said. “We’re playing really small with Duncan Robinson as a skinny-four man. This was really a bad matchup, and it really hurt us.”

This quote was in the 5 key plays article, you’ve got to wonder if it would’ve been better to have Wagner on Maye and Duncan on the 6’9" 215 Brooks.


I don’t know the ins and outs of the NC personnel but Duncan on Maye, very quickly, proved to be a very bad option. I wish JB would have been willing to experiment more and earlier. Perhaps our gameplan sucked.


Moe really struggled against big men who can step out this year if you think back to Maui, quite a few times he forgot to close out on a stretch shooter. Beyond the actual players, it is the difference between defending a player on the perimeter (i.e. switching screens) and defending the other team’s five man (hedging ball screens and not switching screens).


Comes down to the fact that Michigan had no one who could guard Maye one-on-one and blew a ton of switches.

Check out the last video on 5KP.




Did Duncan or MAAR say that?


I haven’t given up on Ibby yet. It is very early in his career and he has shown significant improvement over last year.

I liked that late lineup that featured Wagner, Livers, Watson and Poole. Very athletic.


What basis is there for a disagreement? Wagner started all 38 games and Wilson started 36 of them. Over 90% of the minutes at center went to Wagner and Donnal. .


None of our PG’s even have close to a higher assist rate than turnover rate, that’s just absurd.


Your point about only 2 guys being able to create, I wonder where the additional person or two come from on this roster. Looking forward who has that potential? Poole? Is there anyone else. That is why in my mind it would be great if Poole can get going. Hate to do it but looking even further ahead when MAAR leaves Poole is our starting 2 next year. The class coming in next year is great but the roster will still be thin in the backcourt.


Simpson and Simmons turnover rates are very bad. Brooks is fine at 15%, he just doesn’t have the assists. One thing to note, they aren’t 1:1 so if a guy has 20 turnovers and 20 assists, his assist and turnover rates will be different.


Hi Dylan,
I also wanted to take a stab at your question about what Livers did that was so impressive. This was the first game I have been to this year in person since I live in NC. What i saw in person defied what I have been seeing on tv and in the box scores. It was about watching the crowd and how that monstrous dunk deflated them. His athleticism to compete on the offensive end was something we dont have with anyone else on the roster. Im not talking about how many boards he grabbed (he had one play where he tipped it about three times but couldnt get the board, rather than jack up a 3 pointer and run back to play defense). I mean his explosiveness and trying to take charge when no one else wanted to after a long scoring draught. He is making freshman mistakes but his potential is there. He can be the microwave off the bench.


It might be obvious and I’m having a brain freeze, but why is this? Isn’t it the percentage of possessions used that end with those results?


Yeah, I really don’t remember many positive defensive examples from Livers last night that others picked up on. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts after a rewatch. I just remember Maye blowing by him a few times as seen in the 5th clip in the five keys post.


So, AST% is (assists)/(team field goals made while you’re on the floor). I’m not sure how exactly the denominator is tracked or if it is just estimated.

TO% I believe is (Turnovers)/(Turnovers + Assists + Field goal attempts)

So the denominator is just very different.