Michigan at UNC Discussion



Nice article. I’d probably reverse the keys. Defensive rebounding is the most important, especially off quick NC shots – gotta find a body quick and box out. And it’s quite variable but we can exert control over it, at least with this version of NC.

If we do a decent job, I think that’ll lead to the others – we’ll get some rip and run opportunities, get good looks and open 3s, which will in turn lead to more made baskets and fewer opportunities for them to run efficiently.



Worth noting that a restaurant dedicated to that game exists… Yes, there is a large picture of Chris Webber calling timeout on the wall.


That’s weird to me. Is that moment huge in UNC lore or something? I don’t get it. Seems like the kind of restaurant that would exist in East Lansing, not Chapel Hill.


I mean any national championship is pretty cool. It was opened right afterwards and apparently the food was good enough for it to stay open until now. Doesn’t seem much different than a restaurant dedicated to a trophy from a small rivalry game like The Brown Jug.


Couldn’t agree more.

FWIW, I’m confident a place called Trouble With the Snap Cafe exists. It simply must.


It does seem like something that would be in E.L. but that moment was huge for all basketball fans, i think. Everyone remembers it…I must confess,i think it is a clever theme for a restaurant.


It’s one of the most famous moments in tournament history that sealed a national championship for UNC. Also, while this might seem odd to the younger folk, to some at that time the TO represented the victory of “the Carolina Way” over the divisive brashness of the Fab Five.


Idk, it puts the focus on Michigan’s fuckup rather than UNC’s championship, particularly since UNC was leading in the game and likely to win irrespective of the timeout.

IMO, it sounds like a restaurant specifically meant to troll Michigan more than anything else. That’s why it seems Sparty to me, lol.


I think the fact that we are liable to double up their three point attempts gives us a nice advantage. It seems that when we play programs like this, where we get eaten alive is on the defensive glass, and this doesn’t seem to be an exception to that. If we can rebound, I like our chances.


This is probably just me missing something here since I was born in 1994, lol.


This term will die a quick, yet still painful death after the scandal haha

I agree with everything here. I don’t see any way for UNC to stop Wagner from going off and if we shoot well from three then we’ll be in a decent position to be in the game to the final buzzer.


Some interesting early transition numbers regarding UM… they’ll be tested at UNC.


Who will you root for!?


I’ll be wearing UNC stuff while rooting for a fantastic game lol. Luckily a loss for either team isn’t catastrophic. Perhaps I’ll bring a Michigan hat and put that on if they win.


I was in a similar situation earlier this year. Went to the UF v UM game as a lifelong Michigan fan, but a Gators Alum.

Rooted for Michigan every second the way!


You’re probably glad you chose Michigan to root for given the last 3 games in the series! :grinning:


Score prediction for the game tonight as our resident Tar Heel expert?


Prediction: UNC 79, Michigan 71, Wagner and Matthews play very well offensively but can’t make up for rebounding issues and no production from the 1. X factor will be if Robinson can get open looks tonight.

edit: HOWEVER, it will be Michigan’s last nonconference loss :wink: