Michigan at Penn State Discussion Thread

Dropped down to 2 and now all the way up to 4.

I don’t like to hear that. Vegas is rarely wrong. I think the sharps are betting big on st in a comfy win.Penn st id definitely a tourney team even if the clowns who make the brackets don’t agree.

Michigan needs to play with the same desperation and intensity st does if we want to win. This is going to be another one of those games where if we win, it won’t get any love despite being very tough. We’ve played a lot of those this year since the big ten crapped the bed out of conference.

The one thing I Hang my hat on is this years team has been remarkably consistent and hasn’t thrown up any duds outside of the Nebraska game. They’ve avoided a lot of trap games so I could see them avoiding them again both times this week.

I know I’m considered a " homer" on here but I don’t do it with any other teams I root for. I saw something special last year and I see something even more special this year. I really think we’re rolling under the radar here and in this wide open season I legitimately think with the right bracket we could go final 4. The one lunardi posted the other day had us as a five with matchups of Tennessee in the second round. The one was Xavier. If that bracket came to fruition I’d be over joyed.

The balance and depth on this team is phenomenal. If Mathews ever finds consistency on offense this is a very special group. I trust 9 to ten guys on this team. Now that Simmons is good for 10-15 good minutes a game I’m getting even more giddy. Our bench is suddenly a strength. Z, moe, maar, Mathews, Duncan, Poole can all hang 15-20 on you any given night. Not many teams have that type of balance. Teske, Simmons and livers are all capable of 6-10 themselves.

The rebounding and defense is the reason why this team has been so steady. Even when Charles looks like crap like last game he plays great d and goes and gets very tough boards in traffic something past beilein teams could not do. Moe is also doing this. I also think the leadership has been great. I don’t think this team will get caught off guard tonight or the rest of the way. Coach b has the program in a beautiful place playing a brand of hoops I respect and love to watch.


Id give Z first crack at Carr; he was an absolute terror on Jackson against OSU. If Z can just make Carr uncomfortable at 30 feet, I think that’s a win. I could see CM fouling Carr too often. I think MAAR and CM are well suited for running Gardner and Reaves off the 3pt line.

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I don’t think M wins today.
I do give them a shot, because M has the ability to match up physically with Penn State, much like they matched up well with MSU. Then you have Coach Beilein who is a master at keeping his teams in games like this

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I couldn’t really disagree with you more on this.
The collapse against OSU is certainly a “dud”.
The one point escape against Maryland and the OT escape against Minnesota were duds.
Scoring 52 points in a loss at Northwestern qualifies as well.
I won’t even mention LSU or the close call against VCU.
The last 3 games have been pretty sweet though.

16/19 from the line!


Enormous win that I had no faith in us getting when it started.


So it looks like this clinched atleast the 5 seed. Tbh, I kind of wish we could be the 6 seed in the BTT. I want no part of MSU. I’ll take my 1-0 record and go home, lol.


Michigan is better than MSU. They don’t want any part of M either. Two very good teams


I would relish the opportunity to place another large chink in MSU’s armor. And I’m not sure the downside would be so great. You could just hope for a rubber match somewhere during the NCAAs.

Rematch would be in the final four. I’ll take that.


Matthews now with a 88.4 ORtg in Big Ten play. It was 88.3 in the SEC his freshman year.


Rahk has a turnover every two games and he has 4 tonight. Also, makes only 2 of 4 free throws. Too excited playing in his home state or getting tired from playing too many minutes? Guess he was due for an off game because he has been a stud all year.

I think PSU prioritized cutting off his dribble. Definitely an off game for MAAR, but I think PSU did a good job of prioritizing taking away his right-handed drives and drive-and-kicks.

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Wow, just wow. What a win. They really were mentally tenacious all 40 minutes, the coaches did a great job switching up the defenses and finding the right subs and combos all night. Just a great effort and Moe’s two threes to keep us right there were massive.

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Wow, that was quick

Ha, I wasn’t there. I was writing while the videos were uploading :slight_smile: