Michigan at Iowa Discussion Thread


It’s not like Crean could possibly have a reason to find something nice to say about a Michigan player. Can’t think at all of a connection that could affect that.

I don’t deny Duncan is fundamentally sound in his positioning. As a fellow slow-footed white guy, I can confirm that you better be making up for your shortcomings with superior knowledge and execution of basic shell drill positioning, which is what all of this comes down to at its core.

I can even believe that Crean would tell his team to be careful with the passing lanes on Duncan’s side of the court - I’ve always said that, for this level, I think he has good length. I was sneezed at over my suggestion he would make a good 1-3-1 wing for that very reason.

What I can’t believe is that a team would prefer to play offense against a defense without Duncan on the floor vs. a defense with Duncan on the floor. And that the reason you would try to get him off the floor is because he makes a defense so terrifying to face.

I wasn’t necessarily able to follow the straw man vs. no, you’re straw manning! up above, but it sure seems like some straw men are being thrown up at these last stages of this conversation.


I think we all appreciate what Duncan has and can bring to the team whether its offense or defense. My hope is that what ever he brings can be done in fewer minutes moving forward which would mean Livers is progressing quite nicely. As I stated either on this thread or on another, JB knows he is miss cast at the 4 and would be better as a good scoring back up. This doesn’t make his importance any less.


I don’t want to (a) spend the time quoting people or (b) get in a back and forth with specific posters. But I don’t think you have to look that hard back through the comments to find people saying (1) that Crean was saying something silly and (2) that Duncan brings nothing to the table except shooting 3s and that his defense is awful, period, no mitigating factors.

I think at least most people agree that Duncan’s ideal role, especially against certain teams, would be something other than playing 30+ minutes at the 4 spot, mostly because of his defensive limitations.