Maryland at Michigan Discussion Thread


Just my fan opinion, but I’m more worried about Thursday @Nebraska than tonight.

That team is playing hard for Miles and even though Michigan has had A LOT of success in that arena, generally it’s a tougher place to play. Those fans still pack that place.


Yes, but how prepared will WE be?!!!



Argh, getting more nervous as we get closer to game time. We’ve been the hunter the last two games - hope our kids are prepared to be the hunted!


It certainly has the makings of a let down game, I hope we come out fully energized.


Always hard to predict, but I think the team will play with a lot of energy and confidence tonight. The crowd should be into it from the beginning. MD is 14-5 and beat UM last year. And it’s not like the team should be so comfortable or is where it wants to be. As Dylan pointed out in the article today, Livers and Simpson weren’t starting a couple weeks ago. I’m with MB10, I’ll be more worried about the @Nebraska game in terms of a letdown (if UM wins tonight, obviously)…


Poole has got to be the best hype-man we’ve ever had.


Gotta love Bill Raftery too. He called the Michigan/Oklahoma game at the Maui Classic back in 1988.


If Simpson is in the game with a small lead under two minutes again then we have an issue.

Gotta hand it to MAAR, he played like he was drunk as hell for 39 minutes and then hit them when they mattered most. That’s toughness.


Z needs to change his name back to X until he can hit a FT.



Oh dear Lord. I still say they got away with a moving screen on Huerter’s 3.

MAAR worst game he could possibly have and yet makes the GIANT BALLS free throws.

Brutal stretches in that game, but SO much better to learn from a win, thank the Lord


You have to feel awfully bad for Maryland and their fans. Horrible way to lose after the comeback and big shots.

We’ll take it though!


I feel NOTHING for them, I’m sorry, we need all the wins we can get

My heart needed the win, period


Wow, I didn’t realize how clearly the MD player stuck his leg out - throwing up his hands like no foul, uh, you fouled


Why do we inbound to Simpson late in the game? Wouldn’t it be smarter to inbound to MAAR, Robinson or Wagner?


Um, yes.

They probably gave that right to us, but man, he shouldn’t have been on the floor to foul, gotta run something to get it to someone else.

Wow, it’s crazy, Turgeon seems to coach better with a worse team. He cut his teeth with teams that were more grit less first class - I feel like he’s done an awful job a lot of these last years but he coached a pretty damn good game tonight.

Just watched there last 3 again - that is such a moving screen - that’s actually awful on the refs’ part to have let that go. He didn’t necessarily have to, but he clearly stuck his leg out to pick off Matthews.


This is the problem with a team that doesn’t shoot that well. You crush them on TOs, win the ORb battle, foul less – but if you don’t shoot it well…

Simpson, MAAR, Matthews go 7-31. That’s the achilles heel of this team.


If we ever need a long distance inbound pass, we want Livers to be the one throwing it like tonight in all likelihood.


Terrifying game, but it was easy to predict as a letdown game. If we just make easy layups, that’s a comfortable win and that was with us not playing our best.


Wow. Crazy game. Few things:

  • MAAR get’s a lot of sh*t for not showing enough emotion (bothers me sometimes too). But feel like that also helps him in cases like today…the big late 3 and the FT’s to close.

  • Backup PG minutes are scaring me. Brooks seems to have hit a wall lately and Simmons doesn’t seem to bring much to the table. Could see that late when Coach B decided to go with MAAR/Poole in the back court.

  • Poole has some swag. Will take some head scratching shots but I think he’ll be fun to watch for a while.

  • Need Zavier and Matthews to work on FTs. They are likely to be shooting to close out games and we are going to need them to make them more routinely than they are.

Nice W. Let’s go get it in Nebraska. Go Blue!